World’s Most Expensive Recycled Bag

Luxury handbags, no matter how high the price, always have an interest. Not long ago, there was a bag worth 6.7 million dollars, aka 95 billion rupiah, sold in New York. Michaelkors Outlet

This super luxury bag is made from recycled items owned by a wealthy woman who is not named. However, even though the name is ‘recycled’, what is recycled is still the world’s high end brand.

What makes this bag a fantastic value? Tas Branded

Considering that the items recycled to make these bags also come from high end brands such as Hermes and Cartier, it’s no surprise that recycling prices are very high. But, what makes the value fantastic is not only that.

Luxury Value in a Debbie Wingham Design Bag

Egg-shaped, this recycled bag is covered with 8000 diamonds set in platinum and 24 carat gold. The clasp for the bag alone was taken from Cartier’s 500 million earrings. The inside is covered in a luxurious Hermes scarf.

The world’s most expensive recycled bag is the work of a designer named Debbie Wingham, who is known for a line of ‘world’s most expensive’ designs for billionaires in Dubai. Sepatu Branded

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