What is a puffy bag ?

As in previous years, Puffy Pillow Bags are back to enliven spring fashion. This bag does look unusual and tends to be weird, but it has a charm that makes you can’t just ignore it. When spring comes, everyone will try to experiment with this bag. This bag that resembles a soft pillow is usually used to complement the oversized trench coat with semi-sporting and baggy clothes. Puffy Pillow Bags are also often the “best friend” for stretch denim, oversized knit sweaters, and layered shirts. You might not want to miss this one fashion trend. Besides making your appearance fashionable, Puffy Pillow Bags will make you stand out. Let’s know a few things about Puffy Pillow Bags according to InStyle:

Remember, Puffy Pillow Bags come in various types of bags, from lutch, tote, satchel, or backpack. So you can wear it according to the conditions and the appropriate event. For example, when attending a formal party you can choose Puffy Pillow Bags in the form of a clutch. If you want to look more casual, choose a mini packpack.

  • Big size

Another interesting thing about Puffy Pillow Bags is that they are almost the size of a real pillow. Well, if you like to carry a lot of things when traveling, you can still use this model bag.

  • There is also a mini version

However, this bag also has a mini version. Don’t worry, even though this bag is small, it still bulges like a pillow.

Choose a simple, solid colored Puffy Pillow Bag. This will balance the tough ingredients. In addition, this bag will also be easier to combine with various outfits.

  • Sometimes used as accessories

Its unique and adorable shape makes this Puffy Pillow Bag not only function as a bag but also as an accessory.

Finally, this bag can make your appearance more attractive. Especially when combined with classic or basic outfits. Even monochromatic outfits can stand out with the addition of this puff pillow bag.

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