What differentiates the quality of leather?

Leather fashion items do show a class of their own, making us look more masculine. But often we see significant price differences between one another. What distinguishes one leather material to be stronger and more durable, while others are easily damaged? Even if at first glance it seems almost no difference.

Before you know the difference, you need to know first how the process of supplying / manufacturing a leather material until finally it can be shaped into our favorite fashion items.

Provision Process Michaelkors outlet

  1. After the cow / livestock dies, the farmer immediately skins and separates the meat. Then the skin is brought to the tanning place.
  2. At the tanning place; hair, fat, protein and other oils are removed to clean. The skin that has been cleaned is usually called “wet blue”
  3. Then wet blue is put into a giant barrel for special oil, preservatives and coloring, then let it sit for several hours depending on the thickness of the skin. Even for thick skin it can take up to 20 hours, so that the oil and color soak into the inside of the skin.
  4. After the above process is finished, the skin is heated at high temperatures, then dried in the sun to dry with a certain humidity. Then the skin is given a finishing touch such as given a color and others. Finally, the skin is reheated and ready to be formed.

Which Differentiates Price and Quality

In the process above, the giant barrel used is very expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece. Oil, preservatives / dyes and dyes that are used also require no small investment. Craftsmen or small scale tanners usually only have a few casks. Therefore, to produce / produce the amount of leather that has been processed above in large quantities and also saves the use of equipment, usually these craftsmen shorten the process number 3 above by soaking for only a few hours, just enough of the outside is given a coloring.

The other difference is the quality of the liquid and oil used in the coloring process above, and of course the type and quality of the animal skin that is used itself which I will discuss in another article.

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