Want to Travel, But Confused Choose the Right Suitcase and Bag?

Limitations on the amount of luggage for airplane and train passengers are certainly no stranger. Usually, the restriction is based on the weight of luggage which must not exceed several tens of kilograms to get free baggage fees, and the rest there is a certain rate charged.

However, this luggage will also influence your comfort, so it is important to ensure all needs are met properly during the trip, on the other hand still can save baggage fees. So that luggage can be packaged properly, you need the right suitcase or bag. That is, all your needs can be met in a suitcase or bag properly during the trip. This is important to note from the beginning, because the safety of these items depends on the durability and quality of the bags and luggage used. Michaelkors Outlet

Do not let you experience problems on the journey later, just because your suitcase or bag is damaged. Not only troublesome, but also will waste a lot of valuable time you have, right? Then, how to choose the right suitcase or bag? Here are tips on choosing the right suitcase or bag to accompany your trip:

1. Choose a Suitcase or Bag as Needed

For a comfortable and enjoyable trip, make sure you bring the right and appropriate needs. The use of quality bags and suitcases is certainly a must-do so that your needed luggage can carry everything.

This is important, in addition to simplifying your trip, as well as avoiding additional costs that you might incur for excess baggage. Do not let you have to spend a number of additional baggage fees just because you carry too many items that are not really needed when traveling. Choose the size of your suitcase or bag according to the length of your trip. If the duration of your trip takes a long time, you can use a suitcase or bag with a larger size than during a short trip.

2. Choose the Right Material

If you see the fact that your suitcase will hold a variety of your belongings and get into the baggage of the aircraft, obviously you must choose good quality material. Suitcases or bags made of polycarbonate (a type of hard and strong plastic) that are lightweight, quite feasible as an option. But this type of hard case suitcase is indeed somewhat vulnerable to damage during the transportation process.

Other materials you can consider are suitcases or soft case bags made of nylon or polyester. In general, materials like this will be easier to carry for each trip, and can even be carried easily into the cabin. But whatever luggage material and bag of your choice, make sure the suitcase or bag is waterproof and can keep things dry during the trip.

3. The Right Size and Capacity

In choosing a suitcase or bag, make sure you can load all your luggage, so it is important to choose the most appropriate size. If necessary, you can have luggage or bags of various sizes, so that at any time needed to use it as needed, adjust the length of your trip.

In general, the size of the suitcase or bag in the trunk is calculated in centimeters (length x width x height) starting from the wheels of the suitcase to the top surface of the suitcase. Here are some sizes of luggage that are generally used for traveling, including: Tas Branded

  • 16 “(30x17x47 cm) These suitcases are usually taken into the cabin and generally can be used for short trips of about 1-3 days
  • 20 “(37x22x56 cm) This medium-sized suitcase can make quite a lot of things, even up to 16 kg
  • 22 “(38x22x48 cm) Still of medium size, this one can also hold around 16-20 kg of luggage
  • 24 “(43x23x63 cm) Entered in a medium size, this suitcase can hold a large amount of luggage, which is up to 26 kg
  • 28 “(47x32x73 cm) This suitcase comes in a large size and can hold about 35 kg of luggage
  • 32 “(51x35x81 cm) This suitcase is in the large size category. So it is more suitable if indeed your travel period requires a very long time

4. Choose Wheels and Good Suitcase Security

Although traveling with a lot of luggage, you certainly do not want to experience problems when carrying / moving luggage. For that, get to know the types of wheels on a suitcase or bag when buying it, including the type of four-wheeled luggage (spinner) and the type of two-wheeled suitcase (upright).

Of course a suitcase with spinner wheels will be easier to move, even though the load inside is quite heavy, plus there is an additional burden that is usually on it, which is a hand luggage.

In addition to the wheels, the safety lock used on the suitcase must also be of particular concern. A suitcase that holds a variety of your important items, it should have the best type of safety too. Choose a suitcase with a Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) safety lock that meets international safety standards, so that your suitcase stays safe throughout the trip.

5. Price Determines Quality

Whatever goods you buy, make sure the quality is guaranteed. Speaking of quality, usually the price also participates in determining the quality. For every quality you get, there is a price to pay. This also applies when you want to buy a suitcase or bag. Make sure you pay a price commensurate with the quality of the bag or suitcase you get. This can be done by comparing one product to another, until you find a suitcase or bag of good quality, at the best price, of course.

6. Choose a Credible Shop

Not only that, where you buy a suitcase or bag must also be examined carefully. Because credible and professional stores usually offer or sell quality products. Currently, there are many online stores that you can visit easily and quickly to find the desired suitcase or bag. Take advantage of promos or discounts offered by the store, so you can get the best price for the suitcase or bag needed.

7. Warranty Service

When buying a suitcase or bag, make sure the product has a warranty. This is important so that you can get a guarantee that the product you are buying is in accordance with the specifications and price. In addition to that you avoid the various risks that might occur in these products such as damage and others.

Wherever your travel destination, do not forget to prepare it properly, including a variety of luggage needed, including the type of suitcase or bag used. Make sure you use the best suitcase or bag that suits your luggage capacity, so that all needed items are carried without the need for additional baggage fees. Sepatu Branded

Take time to pack, so your trip is comfortable and enjoyable. But of all that, the most important thing is that your travel guarantee is protected by travel insurance, to make it safer and more comfortable.

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