Want a Street Styler Style? Try 5 Handbag Trends

Collecting bags may have become a favorite of many women. However, along with the development of fashion trends, many types of handbags are booming, especially among street stylers. Well, by having these five handbags, you can look stylish like a street styler today:

  1. Beaded bag Michaelkors Outlet
    Besides being unique and edgy, beaded bags also have colorful colors that can make you look stylish with a feminine style. Not only that, this type of handbag is also popular and has become a trend among influencers and celebrities.
  2. Bucket bags
    Bags with mesh accents are indeed a trend among fashionistas. Ethnic and unique, you can combine this type of bag with casual outfits for a relaxed yet stylish impression.
  1. Box bags Tas Branded
    A bag with a firm structure and model, always succeeds in making you look cool and stylish like a street styler. Many fashionistas use this type of bag to attend fashion week events. Not only plain, you can also choose box bags with unique and exciting motifs and colors.
  2. Top handle bag
    The transformation of the bucket bag with a firmer structure, the top handle bag is here for those of you who want to look stylish, but still look formal. The colors presented are even more bold, suitable for use in the office.
  3. Dior saddlebag Sepatu Branded
    There is also one specific type of handbag that is becoming a trend among street stylers, namely the Dior saddlebag. With a unique vintage-style model, this bag is perfect for you to combine with various types of outfits.

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