Wallet history

A wallet is a kind of small bag that is used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, and identification documents (SIMs, identity cards, club cards, etc.), photos, transit passes, gift cards, business cards and paper or cards other laminates. Purses are generally made of leather or fabric, and are usually made in pocket sizes and can be folded, either doubled or tripled, making it easy to put in a pants pocket or skirt but at present there are several types of wallet that cannot be folded.

The word “wallet” has been used since the end of the 14th century to refer to bags or backpacks for carrying goods (for example knapzak in Dutch and Frisian). The wallet was first created around the 17th century in Europe after paper currency was introduced. Previously, the currency used was in the form of coins and carried in a drawstring bag. The bag is usually tied to a belt. After the paper currency emerged, people began to need a practical place to carry money. Finally, a simple wallet the size of banknotes was made from cow or horse leather. Just like a pocket for a coin, a wallet is still generally tied to a belt. Until 1834 the use of the term “wallet” had the meaning of a “flat container for carrying paper currency” but in the 19th and early 20th century this understanding became one of many meanings to describe “wallet”.


A Michaelkors Outlet modern two-fold wallet with several “card slots” became standard wallets in the early 1950s with the introduction of credit cards. Some innovations included the introduction of a wallet that used velcro covers in the 1970s. Pocket-sized wallets remain popular today.

In the 21st century wallet began to develop by highlighting the trend and fashion but still has the same function. At present the development of the wallet is not only in terms of trends and fashion but also changes in its function by making a minimalist style wallet that can only carry paper money and a few pengting cards such as identity cards, ATMs and credit cards, or a wallet that develops by adding its function as a cellphone bag or small tablets in order to be enough to carry a container that is easy to carry, on the ground or sling.

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