Versatile Bags for Millennials

Multifunctional objects are generally more popular, especially for someone who likes something simple. That’s why Stöd presents a versatile mini pouch; Liten.

There are six color variants available for this pouch collection, namely black, navy, olive, cream, gray, and maroon. Prioritizing function, Liten is indeed suitable for millennials with high mobility. Michaelkors Outlet

Stöd is a bag label inspired by the Swedish fashion community. Besides being able to be carried as a hand pouch, Liten is also equipped with a strap that makes it can be worn as a mini sling bag.

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“Liten in Swedish has a small meaning. This is realized by its small and compact appearance. Liten is here to support the lifestyle of millennials and urbanites who have busy activities while still providing high functionality and mobility,” said Renaldi Morteza, Product Line Designer Stöd.

Renaldi explained some of the advantages that Liten has. Some of them are made of strong materials so that they are not easily damaged, equipped with a quick release buckle, and have many compartments for storing small items. Sepatu Branded

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