Unique Etiquette of Using a Backpack

Many airplane passengers choose to use backpacks instead of suitcases when traveling. The reasons are various, but the majority are because it is more practical and fits quite a lot.

Through its social media accounts, Garuda Indonesia has promoted the use of backpacks so that passengers can carry them comfortably.

“Preparing luggage when going to travel is an important part so that all needs are met at the destination. Likewise with the selection of luggage that you can bring into the cabin area,” wrote the video description uploaded to the Instagram account @garuda.indonesia, November 26, 2021 . Michaelkors Outlet

Tas Branded The account explains a number of etiquette for carrying a backpack when boarding a plane. Ethics was made to provide comfort for all passengers on the plane. Instead of being carried like the plural use of backpacks, Garuda Indonesia suggests to be carried.

The advice to carry a backpack especially applies when boarding and about to get off the plane. The reason for carrying a bag when going on a plane is because the bag can hit other passengers’ bodies, especially when they want to put it on their back.

Passengers should continue to carry them until they enter the aircraft cabin. “Because if you put it on your back, it might hit another passenger sitting in the seat next to you,” explained Garuda Indonesia.

Through the Instagram account, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno participated in promoting the ethics issued by Garuda Indonesia. Sandi seemed to be carrying his backpack when he was about to go to Labuan Bajo. Sepatu Branded

“As part of the innovations and recommendations made by @garuda.indonesia, we try to follow the ethics of carrying a backpack / backpack by carrying it when we go to the plane,” wrote Sandi.

Garuda Indonesia would like to thank you for uploading Sandi. “Thank you, Mr. Sandiaga, for implementing and helping socialize travel ethics, hopefully it can provide comfort for other passengers and be a real example for other passengers,” wrote the @garuda.indonesia account.

In his upload, Sandy seemed to be carrying the backpack he was carrying. “This is a new ethic sent by the President Director of Garuda that Mr. Irfan, that all (passengers) now, if you ride a backpack, must carry a backpack,” said Sandi in the video.

The post received many comments from netizens. They are aware of the ethics of carrying a backpack.

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