Unexpectedly, This Local Bag Brand Is Better Known Overseas!

You may be familiar with Prada women’s handbag brands, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and others. various models of bags issued by international fashion houses are often hunted by women. The reason is that these bags have a higher prestige and certainly make the wearer look both elegant and luxurious. But, do you know, if at this time some brands of locally-made women’s bags are also starting to go global? You must know, here are the local bag brands that are starting to explore the following international fashion world! Michaelkors Outlet

Doris Dorothea Bags
Doris Dorothea Bags
  • Doris Dorothea – Still unfamiliar with this one women’s handbag brand? Doris Dorothea is indeed quite new in the bag industry. First created by a married couple, Riza Assegaf and Fara Shahab, in 2013-2014, Doris Dorothea succeeded in becoming a global local bag. The quality of Doris Dorothea’s collection bags is no joke, you know! Leather bags always use the best quality reptile leather. Now, Doris Dorothea has entered the Middle East and European markets. The design of this very elegant bag model was successfully strolled to the stage of New York Fashion Week in September 2017.
  • Nilou = If this one bag brand might not be foreign to your ears, Nilou has been known in Indonesia for a long time. Nilou is a local women’s handbag brand from Bali, which was founded by Ni Luh Putu Aru Pertami Djelantik or Ni Luh Djelantik in 2004. Not only making various bag models, Nilou also produces shoes and belts which are all handmade products. At present, Nilou is not only known domestically. Nilou bag production has entered the American market to Europe, even quite competitive in France! Tas Branded
  • Warnatasku – Another local women’s handbag brand that has also begun to explore the international fashion world is Warnatasku. Warnatasku is a local women’s handbag brand made by Yudha Pratomo with his wife Ervina Ahmad and her brother Yusnita Mukri. My color never appeared in several international fashion events, one of which was the ASIA World Expo 2015 in Hong Kong. Not only in Asia, Warnatasku also diligently participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Moscow, Hamburg, Vienna and Milan, and participated in the 2017 Europe Tour event. Now, women’s handbag brands that carry the beauty of the archipelago fabric are able to dominate the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, to Europe.
  • Bagteria – Bagteria is a women’s handbag brand that started as a hobby of knitting and embroidering Nancy Go. Together with her husband, Bert Ng, Nancy then founded a bag brand called ‘Bagteria’ which also exists in the international market. Approximately 30 countries have touched Bagteria. The bag model was praised, even loved by top celebrities in the class of Paris Hilton, Emma Thomson and Anggun. Design and selection of materials that are not half-hearted to make Nancy’s design bag looks luxurious and exclusive. Reportedly, this Bagteria owner was offered to change the label to an Italian brand, but refused and chose to remain a local brand
  • Sabbatha – The last global local bag brand also came from Bali. Sabbatha started from a bag outlet in Bali which was founded by Sabbatha Lazuardi. Now Sabbatha is able to go international following other women’s handbag brands. The good quality of the bag with its elegant, natural design and exclusive impression can be the main attraction of these Sabbatha bag products. You need to know that this women’s bag produced by Sabbatha is handmade. His handbag collection has now appeared in Rome, Amsterdam, Moscow and Mumbai. Its products are also a favorite of Hollywood celebrities Katie Holmes and Elle Mcperson! Sepatu Branded

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