Types of Men’s Wallets Today

If a woman has a bag as a must bring item, a wallet is a must have item for many men. Compared to women, indeed many men often prefer to look simple and anti-complicated without carrying anything. But did you know that wallets have various types and functions? If you don’t know, you must enter 5 wallets for today’s men in your fashion dictionary, bro!

This type of wallet is arguably the most popular among men. With two foldable characteristics as the name suggests, bifold wallets are often the choice of men because they can store a lot of cash and cards.

  • Super Slim Wallet

This super slim silhouette wallet is arguably a reflection of a man who doesn’t want to be complicated. This wallet is suitable for those who do not really like carrying a lot of cash and rely more on using cards when shopping.

Sport Wallet
Sport Wallet

If you are the sporty type of man who likes to explore various terrains, this shoe type wallet is the right choice for you. This wallet has a zipper and velcor which makes it difficult to open, so that the contents of your wallet are maintained even when you are doing extreme activities. In addition, sports wallets are usually made with waterproof material so you don’t have to worry if you are in an area that is at risk of getting wet.

  • Money Clipper

For those of you who really cash, money clipper can be your loyal companion. As the name implies, this type of wallet is often used to store banknotes. Its thin shape makes it not complicated to carry around.

From the name alone answers the use of this wallet. This wallet is made larger than other wallets so that it can accommodate your holiday documents, such as a passport. This innovation certainly makes holidays more practical without having to carry a lot of stuff.

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