Types of Materials Used for Bag Production

Bag lovers and collectors are certainly familiar with a variety of quality bag materials that are commonly used to make the best bag products in the world, right?

The selection of the right bag material is very important because this will determine the quality of the bag. For those of you who have been wondering about what kind of good material, the following discussion about the types of bag materials according to the bag model and its use.

1. Leather bag material Michaelkors Outlet

Usually, leather is used for premium quality bags from top-class bag manufacturers. Leather is very high quality and has many advantages such as being easy to cut, to shape, and to look very exclusive.

The beauty of leather makes this one the most favorite choice for bag lovers. Usually, leather is made into office bags, hand bags, clutch bags, to laptop bags.

2. Cloth bag material.

Cloth Bag
Cloth Bag

Judging from its type, cloth bag material has choices and the most popular is the cloth material named katub. Cloth bags are chosen because the price of the material is cheaper and the manufacturing process is quite easy.

You can make your own cloth bags or order them directly from the seller because there are currently many cloth bag products with attractive designs. This bag is very fitting when used for daily purposes or for certain occasions.

3. Rubber bag material

One thing that makes rubber bags a choice of quality bag materials is that the material is very easy to find anywhere. With the choice of the appropriate model and design, actually rubber bags can also look stylish and trendy. However, making rubber bags is not easy, so if you want maximum results must be done by experts.  

4. Canvas bag material

Canvas material is one type of material that is widely used for various fashion items, especially backpacks for everyday. The material has thick fiber and is also very strong, making it suitable for making quality backpacks. There are several types of canvas material that can be used, but the choice of the best canvas material is soft baby canvas and the most superior quality.

5. Denim bag material

Not only made for pants, jackets, and shirts, denim bag material is also widely used as material for making bags because its quality is guaranteed. Besides being strong, denim also looks more casual so it is suitable for a variety of semi-formal or non-formal activities. Denim material will be more attractive when combined with other materials so it looks more luxurious.

6. Satin Bag Material

Satin bag material is not only used to make clothes, but is also widely used as a base for premium quality bags.

The characteristics of satin material that feels thin and shiny make this material often also used as decoration and decoration on other bags.

Another advantage of using satin to make preium bags is that this material is quite difficult to imitate especially if the original design is very unique and distinctive.

7. Polyester Bag Material

Polyester Bag
Polyester Bag

The next bag material which is quite widely used is polyester. Generally, polyester is used to make various types of tote bags such as backpacks, laptop bags, or children’s school bags.

Lots of advantages possessed by this polyester material, for example, the material is quite thick, waterproof, and not easily tangled or stretched.

Even so, this material also has the disadvantage that the material does not absorb sweat properly so it will tend to feel hot.

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