Types of Bicycle Bags You Must Have

Hobbies are different? surely often cycling for a considerable distance. And we need preparation to bring tools or toolkits to repair bicycles if there are problems in the middle of a trip or food supplies. To carry it, you definitely need additional bicycle accessories in the form of a bicycle carrier or bicycle bag. For those of you who are looking for a suitable bag reference for cycling, here are some types of bicycle bag accessories that you can use.

This type of bag is most often used by shifters, but it also has its drawbacks if traveling far to add to the burden of traveling because it limits the space to move if carrying excessive loads. For backpacks, there is also a hydro pack with a hose or often referred to as a water bleder. Make it easy for us to drink while riding a bicycle.

  • Bicycle Frame Bag

It is a bag located on the bicycle frame, there are two types inside the frame and under the head tube. For this type it can load more because there are additional pockets on the right and left sides. The installation is quite easy, just attach the Velcro fastener to the frame and the neck of the head tube.

The installation is at the back, but you need additional accessories in the form of a pillion to put the bag. This type of bag is very suitable for long-distance touring bicycles because it can carry the most luggage compared to other types of bags. And this type of bicycle bag can also be used for small bicycles such as folding bikes.

  • Bicycle Sadle Bag

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The location is under the seat so it is more comfortable not to interfere with movement space. Suitable for use for MTB bikes to carry essential equipment such as tool kits, spare tires, wallets or smartphones. For this model, it is already waterproof, aka waterproof because the bag under the sadle is mostly splashed by water from the tires.

  • Bicycle Handlebar Bag / Handlebar

One more type of bicycle bag which is located in front of the bicycle handlebar or the handlebar. Recommended for casual or touring bikes. Because it is very dangerous for roadbikes or downhill cyclists who require accurate maneuvering and handling.

That was the discussion about bicycle bags, hopefully it can add to your reference to satisfy your cycling hobby. You can choose according to your needs while cycling is fun.

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