Two Way Bag (II)

  • Choose ingredients according to the impression you want to highlight

Bag material is also able to determine the impression displayed. There are so many materials that can be used to make bags. However, this time we will discuss the most commonly used materials, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather, and nylon.

  • Choose genuine leather, if you want a bag that is distinctive and durable

First of all, we will explain about genuine leather or also called leather. Genuine leather is generally made from cowhide, but some are made from sheep skin and crocodiles.

In addition, there are a variety of types of leather, such as leather with a shiny surface, enamel leather, processed leather, printed leather, and so on. Many manufacturers also produce leather bags, from local brands to well-known brands. However, you also have to be careful in choosing because the price of each product will differ depending on the main ingredient of the leather used. Usually, if the genuine leather comes from cow or sheep skin. Michaelkors outlet

However, for rare materials such as crocodile skin, of course the price will be higher, it might even surprise you. Although there are many variations of bags to choose from, consider bags with materials and prices that fit your financial situation.

  • Choose synthetic leather, if you want a waterproof bag and an affordable price

Other ingredients are synthetic leather or often called artificial leather or imitation leather. At first glance, the characteristics of this material feels similar to genuine leather, in a version that is much more affordable. If you do not have enough budget and are not too concerned with materials, you can make bags made of synthetic leather as an option.

In addition, both the color, design, and characteristics are also very varied and have their own uniqueness. Unlike real leather, synthetic leather doesn’t get dirty easily, it can even be washed with water without leaving any marks. That is why many argue that this material is suitable as a material for daily use.

Although it looks interesting, if you pay close attention, this material has the appearance of a less classy appearance. If you attend an event that requires you to look neat and classy by wearing a bag made from synthetic leather, the balance of appearance will be disrupted. In addition, you also need to remember that synthetic leather does not last as long as genuine leather.

  • Choose nylon, if you want a bag with a high degree of durability

The last material we will explain to you is nylon. We recommend this material for those of you who are looking for bags at the most affordable prices. Nylon itself is a fabric made from chemical fibers with prices that tend to be cheap. Although cheap, nylon has the characteristics of a very strong material plus it is equipped with a variety of other functional aspects.

Because nylon bags have a variety of color choices and unique designs, you can be more flexible when choosing products. Not only that, nylon is also very resistant to rain and wind, and is not easily damaged so it is widely used in products for outdoor activities. That’s what makes this material suitable as a backpack maker or just to accentuate the impression of a casual look.

However, even though it gives the impression of being casual, it can’t be denied also if the nylon material seems cheap. Therefore, be careful in choosing a design so as not to create a cheap impression and not interfere with your appearance when used to attend an event with a certain dresscode.

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