Two Way Bag (I)

The two way bag has a shape that allows you to use it in more than one usage method. In order not to choose the wrong product, we will first explain the points that you need to consider before buying. Come on, consider the following explanation!

  • Choose a bag with a combination of two styles that you like the most

Although referred to as a two-style bag, there are various types in each product available. This type of bag has several variations, such as a tote bag that can be changed into a boston bag with a large bottom. Then, there are also types of bags that can be varied depending on the straps and buttons.

One of the styles most often used as a combination is the shoulder bag style. Although both shoulder bags, appearance and use will differ depending on the original design.

  • A combination type of shoulder bag and tote / handbag that is ideal for everyday use

Speaking of two-style bags, bags with shoulder straps that can be used as both shoulder bags and tote / handbag are the most standard types. You can choose its use, either as a shoulder bag or tote / handbag as needed. By changing the style, the resulting impression will be different.

For daily use, such as going to college or work, you can use this bag as a tote bag. Then, when carrying heavy luggage, you can use this type of bag as a shoulder bag. In addition, how to carry it varies so that you can determine the desired impression. For example, a cute look by sling the straps diagonally or an adult look by holding them in hand. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Combination type of shoulder bag and clutch / mini bag suitable for parties or hangouts

The following types of two-style bags can be used as a shoulder bag and can also switch functions to a clutch or mini bag, simply by removing the shoulder strap. Because the load capacity is limited, you can only carry small items, such as wallets, smartphones, cards, and so on. This type of bag will also be very useful to use when attending a party or just hanging out with your friends.

In addition, we also recommend bags with a combination of bright colors, especially if your outfit seems plain or plain. By using it using a clutch or mini bag style, the appearance can be one level more attractive.

  • A practical combination of shoulder bag and backpack for outdoor activities.

The next type is a two-style bag that can be used as a shoulder bag and backpack. You only need to change or change the location of the rope to change the style. This type also has many variations of products suitable for use by both men and women.

Apart from being a shoulder bag and backpack, there are also types that can be used as well as handbags. We recommend this type of bag for those of you who often travel by motorcycle or do outdoor activities.

  • Choose a bag that fits your daily fashion style.

Another thing that is not less important is the suitability of the bag with your daily fashion style. People with a simple fashion style will usually fit a casual style bag. If you intend to use it to go to the office, a formal design bag will be more suitable. Then, for those of you who love the look of a classy look, a classy bag is the most ideal. However, most importantly, if a product suits your taste, matching and matching it with various outfits will feel easier.

But on the other hand, we also recommend that you be more courageous both in terms of design and color selection. For example, if you tend to wear dark outfits frequently, be brave enough to choose a bag with a bright color to make it look more attractive. It would be better if you choose a bag that fits your daily fashion style, but it doesn’t hurt too if you try a new look.

  • Choose ingredients according to the impression you want to highlight

Bag making material is also able to determine the impression displayed. There are so many materials that can be used to make bags. However, this time we will discuss the most commonly used materials, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather, and nylon. Choose genuine leather, if you want a bag that is distinctive and durable

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