Trend Handbags 2020

Bags become one of the important accessories for women. Because the function of the bag can support your daily appearance.

Talking about bag model trends, every year will change. For 2020 there have also been various predictions of stylish trendy bag models.

Therefore, you must know what kind of bag will become a trend in 2020, because it is important to support the appearance of yourself, also so as not to be out of date. Are you curious, what kind of bag model mentioned will be the trend next year?

– Tote Bag

Good news for lovers of large bags or tote bags, which serve to carry a lot of luggage. Tote bag is predicted to be one of the bag models that will dominate the 2020 fashion world. Get ready to have the collection!

– Extra mini bag

Don’t like carrying large bags? Relax, it turns out that an extra-sized mini bag, its size is very small. Maybe this bag is only capable loading lipstick and money without a wallet. In 2019 the extra mini bag was popularized by the world fashion house, Jacquemus. But 2020 is predicted to still dominate the fashion world.

– Fan Shape Bag Michaelkors Outlet

Maybe some of us are very familiar with the shape of the bag design that looks like a fan. Because you are accustomed to seeing mother or grandma’s collection bags at home. This silhouette fan bag is also predicted to be widely used by women in 2020.

– Lady Like

This handbag, which usually comes in medium size, is equipped with a top handle accent, right at the front facing up. This bag is predicted to be one of the classic newfangled bags that will re-trend next year.

– Soft colored bag

Do you love soft and feminine colored bags, like milk chocolate, nude, beige nude? Congratulations! Bags that come with soft colors will be hits for 2020. Do you have the collection?

– Say my name

This bag has the same shape as a tote bag, canvas bag or shoulder bag. There are medium to large sizes, designed with a logo design in the form of a brand name and symbol or a luxury fashion house located in the front center of the bag. You must have it because it can be a characteristic of your personal style, which many people will remember.

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