Tote Bag for Plastic Replacement Can Also Impact Bad, What to Do?

Plastic waste is one of the big threats to the Earth, especially the sea and its inhabitants. Have you seen photos of sea animals caught in plastic trash? Of course it feels bad to see them. Therefore, now the campaign to reduce plastic waste is getting more intense. We are urged to reduce the use of plastic, including in the form of shopping bags.

So that shopping bags made of plastic are reduced, people also prefer tote bags for shopping, because it can be used repeatedly. Unfortunately, although it is more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic bags, tote bags, whatever the material, apparently requires more energy to produce, distribute and recycle. Yep, tote bags can also have adverse effects. Hmm … then, what should we do? Come on, find out from this explanation:

More Expensive Recycling Process

Do you know? The recycling process is costly. Unfortunately, it requires a more expensive recycling process to separate the different materials. That way, as a result the bag that can be used repeatedly is not recycled. That means, despite its good intentions to replace plastic shopping bags, shopping bags such as tote bags will also end up in landfills.

Moreover, tote bags are now used as part of product promotion or marketing. This means, there are many bags that are used once (not even used at all), then end up in a trash can. In addition, not all bags that can be used repeatedly are equal in terms of their ability to be recycled. There are various types of reusable bags, ranging from large size to small folds and into pockets. There are bags that are thick and strong, but some are thin.

Bags that are used repeatedly are generally made of several types of material. In its life cycle, strong and heavy bags, whatever the material (although cotton is the worst), will have a greater impact on the environment. This is because heavier bags use a lot of resources in their manufacture and distribution.

What should we do? Although it can have a bad impact, tote bags are still slightly better than plastic bags. Now, to reduce the negative impact on the environment, there are several things we can do: Michaelkors Outlet

Tote Bag
Tote Bag

1. Donate too many tote bags

If we have lots of tote bags and don’t want to keep them, don’t throw them away right away. We can donate it.

2. Use Hundreds of Times

We should use tote bag as many times as possible. According to one study, we have to use cotton tote bags 327 times to reach the carbon use ratio. In comparison, paper bags only need to be worn 7 times and plastic bags 2 times.

3. Wash the Tote Bag

Tote bags used for shopping for groceries are likely to contain lots of bacteria. If the bag is used to carry meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, wash it diligently. It is recommended to wash it every time we wear it to the market. We can also separate tote bags for wet and dry food to prevent bacterial contamination.

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