Tips so that backpacks doesn’t get damaged quickly!

The backpack is indeed a bag model that can be used for various activities, you know. From campus, office, to traveling, backpacks can accommodate a variety of your belongings safely and comfortably. But, if not treated properly it can quickly get damaged, you know. You don’t want your bag to be less durable because of wrong care methods. To make it more durable, don’t do it carelessly, do these 5 things so that the backpack doesn’t get damaged quickly.

1. Adjust the luggage with the capacity of a backpack

What is excessive is certainly not good. Even when you want your backpack to last longer, the first thing you have to do is pay attention to the weight of the bag’s luggage so that it doesn’t get too heavy. Don’t bring items that are more than the capacity of your backpack.

Besides being able to damage your bag, carrying luggage that is too heavy can also affect your bone health, you know. If you wear a backpack a lot, you know how much weight you will feel comfortable with. But to be sure, backpacks usually come with a description on the inside, how much capacity the bag has. Michaelkors Outlet

If your bag doesn’t have this description, try to carry a load of less than 2 kilograms so that the backpack doesn’t get damaged easily.

2. When storing, protect it with a dust bag

Not only leather bags, when storing backpacks, it’s a good idea to protect them by using a dust bag. Remember not to underestimate this, many people feel that backpacks have materials and materials that are not easily damaged, so it’s okay to store them right away.

Protecting the backpack by using a dust bag will protect the surface of the bag from dust. After being coated with a dust bag, save the bag in the cupboard. To be safer, add camphor to avoid and prevent mold development.

3. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

It will be easier for mold to develop in a backpack that is exposed to water and becomes damp. Especially in the rainy season like now, if you wear a backpack on a daily basis, don’t forget to dry the bag immediately when the surface is damp and wet.

This is intended to prevent mold growth which will be more difficult to remove later. To dry it, you just need to hang the bag in a place where it circulates air and let it air out. Even so, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can damage the color of the bag and make the fibers brittle more easily. Tas Branded

4. Clean the bag properly and regularly

This one point should not be missed, here. You must regularly clean your backpack properly and properly. Even when storing bags, you must be able to make sure the bag is clean. You can take out all the contents in the bag so that there is no trash left. This garbage can make it smell unpleasant. You also have to pay attention to whether your bag has stains or not.

If any, the stain should be removed immediately. For the surface of the bag you can clean it using a damp cloth that you can give baby shampoo. Avoid soaking and brushing the backpack to avoid damaging the lint.

5. Place items properly

The shape of the backpack can change and become less good, if you just put your luggage. Backpacks are usually more flexible in shape. For that when you want to use a backpack, it’s good to tidy up the contents of the backpack. Take advantage of the pockets in the bag too!

So, you already know, right? Do it immediately so that the backpack will last longer! Sepatu Branded

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