Tips on Wearing a Fanny Pack

That’s right, don’t underestimate the waist bag. Because this bag is becoming a trend for Hollywood celebrities. Starting from Kourtney Kadarshian, Jared Leto, to Beyonce, all appear stylish in public by using a fanny pack on their waist. If you want to add a collection of bags or are bored with the usual shoulder bag, this fanny pack can be an option. This bag is also easy to mix and match, especially if you wear casual clothing style. Even so, even when you’re dressed formally, for example work clothes, can still look stylish with a fanny pack, even you look more fun. Do not believe? Check out the following tips.  

  • Use as a substitute for the belt

Just like a large belt, a waist bag will look beautiful hugging the waist and accent to your appearance. Try wearing a waist bag, when you are using a dress or a long cardigan instead of a belt. Mix and match fanny packs with your favorite loose shirt will also make your appearance look more stylish. Try choosing a fanny pack with a golden ornament on the rope or belt to add a glamorous impression to your new ‘belt’.  

You can use it like a shoulder bag or sling bag. The style of this one does seem to emphasize the athletic style with a hippie feel, but that does not mean you can not wear your waist bag when stylish high fashion. Wear outside or inside your over-sized coat or over-sized blazer, or when you wear vintage jeans in the 70’s style. Fanny packs also become unique accessories that make you look more stylish.

  • Waist bag with leather material? Why not

This one material is always improving your appearance style to be more chic. That’s right, with a leather waist bag, your appearance will look stronger but still feminine. Try wearing a waist bag with black jeans and a crop top, then add punk-style accessories, to get a cool street fashion style. Also try experimenting with different colors of leather waist bags, and matching with office-look suits to get a semi-formal look.  

  • Make it as a complement to plain-colored clothing

Let your fanny pack appear pop-up by wearing it with neutral or nude colored clothes like black, white, or cream. Your appearance will be more attractive when you choose to appear one color with a waist bag in the opposite color. Clothing styles like this keep you away from the impression of monotony because of wearing plain colors so it is more attractive to be seen.  

  • Black color that is suitable to wear at any time

If you are still hesitant in choosing a waist bag that suits you, try choosing a black fanny pack. The black color always looks classic and is easily integrated with any model and color of clothing you are wearing. For example, a boyish style with jeans and a black leather jacket will look more complete when you wear a black waist bag. However, when you choose to appear girly with a white top and floral skirt, a black fanny pack will still make you look beautiful.

However the style you choose to wear a waist bag certainly depends on the personal style you have. You who have a hobby of traveling will certainly like a waist bag, because it allows you to store various personal items such as wallets and travel documents. And, this waist bag is okay to use when you watch a concert, because it makes it easy for you to move to the music. In fact, a waist bag also makes it easier for you to shop in crowded shopping areas because you can keep enough money in your bag. So, do not be ashamed, right, if you want to follow the trend of using a fanny pack, provided you combine it with the right clothes.

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