Tips on Packing Camera Bags for Traveling

If you are a fan of photography, you might not think of leaving the camera at home while traveling, right? Traveling is a potential opportunity that allows you to be able to photograph impressive objects.

However, of course you also don’t want to damage photographic equipment when carrying it while traveling. To make sure your camera is safe, here are tips on how to pack a camera bag for traveling.

1. Make sure all camera components are installed properly

What components are there in your camera? All parts such as the lens cover, battery compartment panel, or USB slot cover on the camera must be securely attached. This is necessary if the cover parts are not released, or are accidentally torn due to shocks that occur during the trip.

2. Remove the battery and memory card from the camera

Do you want to maintain the camera’s battery life while traveling? Removing the battery can be a good alternative to do. If the battery is removed, you don’t need to worry that the camera will accidentally run out of battery.

However, keep the camera battery in an easily accessible location because you may be asked by airport inspection personnel to prove that the camera is working equipment.

3. Avoid storing the camera in the trunk

When traveling by plane, you should not leave camera equipment in the trunk. As much as possible, carry all components and camera equipment in the aircraft cabin. If the camera and other photographic equipment must be inspected, consider purchasing special protective covers that can be secured. Also check the policies of the airlines regarding photography equipment inspection.

4. Maintain the camera handle when removed from the bag.

If you must remove the camera from the bag when it passes the security check, make sure you hold the camera well. When you have to grab several items at once, don’t let your camera drop the camera. Michaelkors Outlet

5. Airport x-ray equipment will not damage the camera

What if you have to put a camera bag inside the x-ray equipment? Both digital data and image data are basically safe from x-ray equipment. Likewise with digital camera components, each component will not be damaged even if it has to go through x-ray scanning at the airport.  

6. Remove the DSLR camera lens from the camera body

If you have a DSLR camera, don’t travel with a lens attached to the camera body. Most likely, this will greatly jeopardize the durability of the lens supporting function on the camera. If the camera shifts during the trip, this will put pressure on the lens. Therefore, it is better to bring the lens separately, and make sure all lens covers are securely attached at both ends of the lens.

7. Pack the camera in a bag container with a soft pad

Don’t have a special camera bag for traveling? You can still maintain the camera’s function by packing all the components in a container that is coated with a soft surface. After that, you can combine it into a tote bag.

But if that’s not enough, you can see the original boxes and packaging for the camera again. Consider putting the camera in the box to make it safer when carried during traveling. If the camera will be packaged in a carrying case in which to place toiletries, be sure to pack the camera in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from accidental liquid spills.

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