Tips on Distinguishing Original and Fake Deuter Bags

Deuter is a German brand that is very well-known and is loved by lovers of outdoor activities. Deuter offers bags, snowboarding equipment, sleeping bags and much more. However, the best-selling products in the world are bags, especially carriers that are often used to climb mountains.

Now, Deuter has also been sold in various places. Either in an offline store or in an online store. However, not only the original products are sold. Counterfeit goods are rampant. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to distinguish genuine and fake Deuter bags. The tips ……

1. Check the Deuter Tag and Serial Number

This part is very important to know whether the bag you bought is genuine or fake. Before buying, you should check the inside of the bag. You will see the Deuter tag which clearly says Deuter Sport Gmbh & Co. on the front. KG and so on. Next, you will find the serial number of the bag on the back.

On the other hand, you can also check the material or shape of the bag. Check the seams of the Deuter bag you want to buy neatly or not. Does the back net of your bag feel flexible or not? It could also be, whether there is a curvature of his back that feels different. If you do not understand about it, always remember to check the serial number because it is very crucial

2. Product Labels and Barcodes

If you see a Deuter bag that has a label with a description of the brand and the bag, then you see the original Deuter. The code that distinguishes the original bag and “fake”. Michaelkors Outlet

In addition, the label also contains a color description. For example, it says midnight-coolblue with the color code 3303. Well, on a fake Deuter bag, you won’t see the color code. Another important thing that can indicate that your Deuter bag is genuine is the barcode on the label.

3. SOS label on the Carrier Bag

Do you plan to buy a carrier bag to climb the mountain? Yes, the Deuter brand is indeed the right choice. However, before buying a Deuter carrier bag, you must check for the SOS label. Well, on the inside of the head of the bag, you can read the guide label that is useful if in an emergency or SOS in various languages.

4. Competent zippers

Anyone can tell the real or fake Deuter bag from its zipper, you know! Take a quick look, is your Deuter bag using the YKK brand for the zipper? If so, then your bag is authentic. To note, this YKK brand zipper is indeed very popular because of its quality. Well, if you find a Deuter bag that does not use the zipper brand, you should be suspicious, yes. It could be that the Deuter bag is fake.

5. Placement of Deuter and Type Brand Writing

To remember, in the Deuter series issued above 2007, the logo is located at the top of the bag. In addition, the type of bag sewn on the bottom of the bag. You should also pay attention to the type of writing and letters that are printed. Usually, brand writing on fake Deuter bags is messy.

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