Tips on Caring a Backpack to Keep It Looking New

This type of bag is timeless and always loved by everyone. The function of a backpack or backpack that can hold a lot of cargo is very suitable for use by various groups. Backpacks are also very fitting for traveling. But, sometimes you would still like to feel confused how the hell, how to care for a backpack to be more durable, durable and still look new? Come on, see 5. tips for caring the backpack below!

1. Pay attention to the weight of the load in the bag

A backpack is indeed known as a practical bag and can accommodate a lot of things. However, not all types of backpacks can accommodate excess weight. Moreover, if the size is small and the load is too full will make the bag become easily damaged in the waist strap.  

Do not let you just put all the items because you feel there is still empty space in your backpack. Usually in the instructions for use, there are certain load limitations suggested by the manufacturer. The limit depends on the size and basic material of the bag. Follow the advice and never break them if you don’t want your backpack to break easily especially in the backpack straps.

2. Routinely clean the bag at least once every three months

A backpack that is not cleaned regularly will look very dirty or dirty. Stains on a backpack will become a stain that is difficult to disappear if not cleaned often.  

To clean the bag, remove all contents of the bag. Clean the bag of all material that might be left inside. You can turn it downwards. Make sure nothing is left in the bag. Then, clean it using a damp or slightly damp cloth.  

This step can be done on all bag materials, be it nylon, ordinary cloth or parachute material. If you have stubborn dirt, you can rub it with a soft brush that was previously dipped in soapy water, then dried for several minutes. Especially for bags made of nylon, it is recommended not to wash by soaking it in soapy water. Avoid drying the bag under the direct sun, because it can affect the original color of the bag so that it fades quickly.

3. Fill the bag with paper or pads Michaelkors Outlet

In order to keep the shape of your bag perfect and maintain the original shape of the bag, it is better if it is not being worn, fill the inside of the bag with kneaded paper or special pads that are now widely sold in the market. Avoid stacking bags in a sleeping position, as this will damage the original shape of the bag and the bag is easily damaged.

4. Take advantage of silica gel

Very often when buying a new bag, in the bag there are granules wrapped in boxes and written in silica gel. Not a few who often throw silica gel because it is considered useless.  

This silica gel turned out to be very useful for absorbing air humidity in a closed room, especially on the inside of a bag. Insert silica gel in each bag and the inside of the bag to prevent mold from arising from moist air.    

5. Store the bag in the appropriate place

Pay attention to where the backpack is when not in use. Make sure the storage location is not wet or damp because it can trigger mold on the bag.  

A dry and cool place is the main choice so that the backpack is safe from fungus attacks. A backpack should be hung in a closet. Placing them on the floor will only make it easier for insects to approach the backpack and increase the risk of water or getting wet.  

If not hanged, it helps you put a backpack in a plastic bag or a special bag storage bag Make sure you are diligent in drying the bag or take out a few bags so as not to be constantly stored in a place susceptible to mold.

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