Tips for store leather bags properly.

Leather bags are one of the fashion items that are almost always in every girl’s wardrobe. Besides durable, this bag will also make you look more attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, this leather bag must be properly stored and cared for. If not, the skin might peel and the color will fade. No need to worry, storing this leather bag doesn’t need any special effort. Here are a few storage methods that are worth trying out so that leather bags can stay durable ~ Michaelkors Outlet

  • Don’t throw away the dust bag that you get when buying a bag. You can use this wrapping bag to avoid the bag from dust and dirt

Although wrapping in a dust bag is good, but you still need to expose the bag at least once every two weeks. This is done so that the bag does not damp and become moldy.

  • After use, remove the entire contents then replace it with bubble wrap to maintain its shape

Bags that are rarely used will easily change shape, especially if they are large in size and you put them in the cupboard. The risk of being crushed will make your folds deformed! Therefore, it is better to place bubble warp or used paper to keep the bag filled.

  • If your leather bag is stained, it’s good to clean it immediately so the dirt doesn’t dry out

Don’t use water or wet tissue to clean the stain on your leather bag. Because, these two substances can be skin fibers. Use powder or soft cloth to clean the stain. If exposed to ink, you can remove it with a special stain remover product for the skin, ok? Tas Branded

  • Although you can use cloth, not just any cloth can be used to clean you!

Use cotton to keep the surface texture of the skin from being damaged or scratched. Besides cotton, you can also use micro fiber that has a very soft texture and can absorb dirt well.

  • If the bag intends not to be used for a long time, it’s better to save it with additional baking soda

Baking soda can be used to absorb odors in the bag. To use it, you can put baking soda in a dust bag that is used to store the bag.

  • You are also not recommended to use a leather bag when it is under direct sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can make the color of the bag so dull. Even when it’s wet you are only allowed to air it. Now if you follow the methods above, surely your leather bag will be more durable and look like new. Even though the bag is old, you can still be stylish and look beautiful, right? Sepatu Branded

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