Tips for Starting Your Trail Running

A trail runner, Ian Sharman, was quoted from, sharing his experiences during his adventure as a trail runner. Sharman began his first cross-country run in 2004 while watching a documentary: “Marathon of the Sands” which revolves around marathon races in the Sahara Desert.

At that time he was not a hobby runner at all. “I contacted a friend, convinced him to train together, and 18 months later after watching the film I ran in the Marathon des Sables race.” Here are the initial tips for you to start trail running:

1. Find the most suitable path

So far, the best way to start cross-country running is to find a trail running community in your hometown. Follow their activities. Because every community knows the best trajectories for beginners. For example, you are a person who is in Jakarta, please make the Sentul area as a starting place so that you can ascertain whether the path requires technical ability or not. Non-technical lines usually have safer surfaces such as gravel pathways. While lines that require technical ability usually have rocky and narrow surfaces.

2. Run slowly with short steps

Remember this is trail running. So, run slowly – or 20% slower, than when running on the highway. That way you can manage more power. You will encounter steep hills which provide many obstacles to overcome. However, trail running will be very fun if you are able to get rid of running problems. Shortening the distance of steps when running can provide enormous benefits. Short steps make your body weight rests on your feet which allows you to react quickly and maintain balance.

3. Don’t be afraid

The most convincing way to start this sport is not to be afraid to start. You are also required to not hesitate to run through the hills and mountains. In addition, each trail runner can be easily identified. Ordinary trail runners are those who pass a lot of people while climbing, and pass it back when going downhill. Michaelkors Outlet

4. Always pay attention to every step

When running on a hiking trail, you need to pay more attention to where your feet are going. You shouldn’t focus all the time and stare at your feet all the time. Put regular attention on the running track that is a few meters in front of you. If you see an approaching obstacle, turn your attention to your feet to eliminate the thought that the obstacle to be encountered is a threat. Encourage yourself to raise your legs higher when you are going to avoid the obstacles of tree roots and rocks. In fact many runners who fell because they think too simple and quickly complacent.  

5. Keep your distance from other runners

Keeping your distance from other runners is one of the most important ethics in trail running. Therefore, do not focus on your feet simply because a cross-country runner needs to change their running speed occasionally to avoid the possibility of a series of accidents.  

6. Pay attention to obstacles that look slippery

You can easily slip and fall from stepping over fallen trees, roots, large, slippery rocks. Many of these obstacles do not look slippery in the distance, and when stepped into a real threat that you would not have thought could hurt you physically and end your running activities.

Usually threats like this are often encountered by runners when crossing rivers. Often many people choose a stone footing to avoid water. Though it is safer to walk directly through the water than trying to tiptoe on wet rock.  

7. Run safely

Trail running is often associated with extreme sports – this is not without obvious reasons – and extra preparation is needed to do it. Good abilities are also needed and continue to be developed to be able to pass through cross-country routes where the difficulty level is difficult to measure. Therefore, it’s good you do not run alone.

Run with a partner or follow the running agenda of the nearest trail running community. If you are going to do it yourself, bring maps and essential equipment to support activities while running. It must be realized that trail running takes place in the open. You must realize that you will be faced with many unexpected dangers

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