Tips for matching clothes with a patterned bag

Bags not only function to carry items that are needed when outside the house, but also accessories that enhance your appearance. Try to follow the mix and match tips below if the bag you have has a fun motif. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Casual style

You can pair a patterned bag with a plain t-shirt or plain dress to create a harmonious look. Also try it in combination with wearing jeans and sneakers so that it displays a relaxed and comfortable impression.

Pairing contrasting clothing colors with a patterned bag will create a unique twist to the overall look. The trick is to combine dark clothes with a light colored bag. Conversely, if your printed bag is dark, try wearing light colored clothes.

  • Adjust to your style

Patterned bags are suitable to be created and combined with any style, whether it’s preppy, street, smart, to casual. The key is your signature on the clothes used and choose the style that suits you.

Those who like small bags who don’t really like carrying a lot of stuff can use these types of bags such as sling bags, handbags, or pouches.

Patterned bags are the mainstay of the Motiviga brand, which was founded in 2012. Motiviga founder, Givary Malik, in his statement on Wednesday, said that every design that has a unique color and pattern is expected to increase the positive side in daily activities.

“We also always prioritize originality, the various patterns that are present are made directly by the designer,” said Givary, adding that the bags he made use basic cordura materials and high quality hardware that can keep important items while traveling. Sepatu Branded

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