Tips for Choosing the Right Leather Bag

Leather bags have a much better quality and durability level than ordinary bags. No wonder so many people are willing to buy leather bags, even at a higher price. Unfortunately, there are still many fake leather bag products on the market today. In fact, even for bags sold in the mall. Therefore, before buying a leather bag product, do these 5 tips so you don’t buy the wrong one. Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Do not hesitate to buy directly from the craftsmen

Leather bags are usually made by craftsmen. To avoid buying the wrong one, try to buy a leather bag directly from the craftsman. Choose craftsmen who are taken by friends, relatives, or friends so that the quality has been tested. You can also go directly to a leather crafts town, such as Garut.

Buying a bag directly from a craftsman makes it easy for you to choose a variety of models available. In addition, it is possible to get goods at lower prices because they are still in first hand.

2. Look and feel the surface for authenticity

To distinguish between genuine and fake leather, pay attention to the detail of the surface texture of the leather. Genuine leather bags have an irregular texture. While faux leather bags tend to have a regular, even surface texture because they are automatically printed by machines.

Don’t forget to feel the back of the skin. Genuine leather has a rough back surface due to pores, while synthetic leather feels very smooth, and is usually made of vinyl.

3. Bad smell doesn’t mean fake Tas Branded

Another easy way, you can check the leather bag by smelling the aroma. Genuine leather usually has the same aroma as the tanner (leather maker).

There are several different types of tanning materials, such as chrome and vegetable tannins. Both can produce different skin scents. While synthetic leather usually smells of chemical drugs which are not necessarily safe for us.

4. Genuine leather bag has good color quality

To check the color quality of the bag, try rubbing the bag with a cloth. Usually the color of a fake leather bag will leave an imprint on the fabric, while a genuine leather bag will not leave a color mark on the fabric. The process of dyeing a genuine leather bag will use a dye that is durable and harmless.

5. Genuine leather tends to be heavier

One more tip for choosing a leather bag before you buy it is to feel the weight of the bag. Leather bags tend to be heavier than synthetic leather bags. Because the basic material is thicker genuine leather. Sepatu Branded

In addition, consider the selling price of the item. Don’t be tempted to buy leather bags at low prices. Genuine leather bags actually have a high selling value.

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