Tips for Choosing the Right Bag to Wear in Your Activities (I)

From ancient times until now, the use of bags has a function to facilitate us in carrying luggage in large quantities. But with the development of fashion, the use of bags is now not only to make it easier to carry goods, but also as a support for appearance to make it look more stylist or fashionable. No wonder nowadays there are many different kinds of bags with various names and shapes. There are types of backpacks, totes, purses, clutches, messenger bags, to handbags. But unfortunately, many people are still confused to choose the type of bag that is suitable for a variety of activities that he will do. So many cases are found when the bag is worn, not matching the event or clothing worn. For this reason, this blog will share tips on choosing the right bag to accompany all sorts of activities, like what? let’s check it out!

1. Clutch For Formal Occasion


At present, Clutch type bags are the main choice for formal events such as invitation, gala dinner, or awarding night, etc. The elegant and luxurious impression that you get when you hold a bag like a wallet is indeed an attraction and makes you look classy. For formal events the selection of Clutch in neutral colors like silver, gold, black, is perfect for supporting your elegant appearance.

2. Bucket Bag for Hangouts with Friends

Bucket Bag
Bucket Bag

This bag is called a Bucket Bag, because its shape is inspired by the shape of a bucket. Usually this bucket or pouch bag design is like a pocket with a drawstring with a shoulder strap that is worn on the shoulder or can also be used cross body. This type of bag is suitable for all types of casual events such as hangouts with friends, trips to the mall to traveling, can also be used for a special office for those of you who do not carry office papers or documents related to the office. In addition, the use of this bag can also make you look more stylist and casual and more relaxed.

3. Tote Bag for College Activities Michaelkors Outlet

Eits, don’t think that the tote bag is only suitable for shopping at the supermarket or at the market. Because with designs that are made more fashionable and up to date, you can use tote bags for a variety of casual events or lectures and also offices. With its large size, it can be used to hold a lot of luggage, or groceries. This tote bag is also very suitable for family picnics or with your friends.

4. Sling Bag (Crossbody Bag) For A Walk To The Mall

Sling Bag
Sling Bag

You are the type of person who does not want to be complicated, really suitable to use a Sling Bag. This bag is usually small in size, which only fits into a gadget, wallet and maybe a little make up kit for you to touch up later. With its small size makes it easy for you to do your activities and it doesn’t look complicated. Using this Sling Bag also makes you look more casual, fashionable when traveling. Sling Bag is usually used by slung on the shoulder in accordance with the length of the Sling Bag strap.

5. Messenger Bag For All Casual Events And College Activities.

If you have a Messenger Bag, you can use this bag to go to college, or you can use it for various casual events, such as traveling. It’s just that you need to adjust the colors to match the color of the outfit you are using. For more information, this bag is called Messenger Bag because the model is similar to the sling bag used by the postman when delivering the letter.

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