Tips for Choosing the Right Bag in Your Activities (II)

6. Envelope Bag for Formal and Non-Formal Activities

Almost the same as Messenger Bag, this bag is also called Envelope Bag because the design and shape resembles an envelope. You can use this bag in various situations and conditions. The thin and not too big design makes it easy for you to carry it. You can use this bag in a variety of formal and informal activities, such as going to the office, lecturing, or hanging out with your friends. Uniquely, this bag can be made as a Clutch because of its thin design so it is easy to hold.

7. Hobo Bag for Formal and Non-Formal Activities

Hobo Bag
Hobo Bag

You who want to look more girly and feminine, you can choose this Hobo bag for your daily activities. almost the same as a tote bag, this hobo bag also holds a lot of luggage. But this hobo bag is more suitable for formal events such as to the office or for meetings with clients. But for non-formal events like hangouts, you can still use this bag, but you should choose bright colors and avoid black and leather hobo bags, so that when you hang out you look more relaxed and casual. Michaelkors Outlet

8. Backpack (Backpack) For Various Casual Events

Now for this bag, you all already have it. This backpack can be used for various activities, especially for casual events. This bag is very comfortable to use because it has two straps that can be charged on the back so that if you carry quite a lot it doesn’t feel heavy. This bag is suitable for use when traveling. This backpack comes in various sizes, shapes and designs, for those of you who want to travel leisurely exploring cities or unique places at home or abroad, you can use a backpack that is small in size, but if you travel to the mountains, you can use special backpack for climbing. As you know, this backpack is also very suitable for school use. There are many activities that are suitable to use this bag, you are only smart in choosing the type.

9. Chest Bag for Traveling

Chest Bag
Chest Bag

For those of you who like to travel but don’t like it complicated, you can choose a Chest Bag to accommodate your gadget and also your wallet. Lately, Chest Bag has become popular among travel bloggers. In addition to your walks relaxed, your appearance is also more fashionable and casual.

10. Waist Bag for Casual Events

Besides Chest Bag, you can also choose a Waist Bag for your casual outings. The use of this bag will display a sporty and attractive impression. Moreover, this bag has a wide selection of basic ingredients, ranging from leather to parachutes.

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