Tips for Choosing a Bag according to Your Personality

Most people like to relate the personalities of what they do, and what they wear. From hair color, shoes, to lipstick that can convey your personality.

This is not certain, but at least it will be fun when you can guess the personalities of the people around you by what they are using, one of which is the choice of bag.

Besides that, you can also see what kind of person you are, if you look at the choice of your favorite bag that you use often. As reported by the Allwomanstalk site, Friday (1/3), here are five types of bags that represent the personality of the women who use them.

Hobo Bag
Hobo Bag

The choice of tote bag type of bag depicts a woman who is consistent with her goals. You are also a woman who likes casual looks and usually prepares spare clothes in a bag, to hang out after work.

  • Hobo

Hobo bag is the perfect bag for those of you who feel that the tote bag is not big enough to store all the necessities that you carry every day. The large area of ​​the hobo bag describes your personality as a woman who is confident and has good attitudes. You always think of carrying all your accessories in your bag so you can use them whenever you need them.

This clutch or handbag makes you appear more classic, simple, and glamorous. For those of you clutch lovers are women who don’t need excessive accents to look stylish. Clutch is used when leaving with a bag capacity that is not much, enough with lipstick and a wallet in it.

  • Backpack

Backpacks or backpacks are the perfect choice for those of you who are cheerful and have a young soul. A backpack with a stylish design depicts a woman who has a free personality and likes challenges. You are a woman who likes to try new things. You are also a hard worker and like to do things independently. If you are a backpack lover, you will usually be in a career that keeps you active.

This body cross bag or sling bag is an option for those of you who are independent women. The body cross bag does not have a section to store shoes or other accessories, so this bag is suitable for those of you who have a simple and practical personality.

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