This Impact of Wearing a Heavy Bag on the Shoulder and Back Skin

Your bag is not Doraemon’s bag or Hermione Granger’s magical bag. When all things come in and get heavy, not only does it cause muscle problems and posture, the skin can also be affected. This is the effect of wearing a heavy bag on your shoulder and back skin. Carrying lots of things in a bag is a habit for many people. In addition to muscle problems and abnormal posture, heavy shoulder bags or backs also have a negative effect on the skin.

  • Heavy Load Makes Skin Red and Irritated

When you change your clothes at night, have you ever seen a red rash on the shoulder where your purse straps hang? That’s a sign if your bag is too heavy. Many people will underestimate this red scar, assuming it will disappear by itself the next day. But if carrying heavy bags becomes a habit, the skin will be vulnerable to blisters / irritation. On a severe level, skin irritation makes the skin peel. When the skin has been injured, it will become scar marks that are difficult to remove.    

  • Friction on the skin causes inflammation

Another result of the friction of a bag strap or a heavy bag continuously can also be experienced by the shoulders and back in the form of zits, known as acne mechanica. Pressure from the bag will trap sweat and dirt in the pore and make it clogged.  

Repeated friction will make these clogged pores irritated and inflamed, which eventually turns into zits. Acne can appear faster if the weather is hot or the condition of your clothes is damp or the material does not absorb sweat.

The best way to prevent the two effects above is clearly reducing the volume of bags that you carry every day. Get used to carry important items when leaving the house. Put heavy items in the campus locker, office, or even in the car. But if you do not have many choices, the following product recommendations for overcoming irritation and pimples that may arise due to a heavy bag.    

1. Mild Soap Michaelkors Outlet

Both irritation and acne can cause skin to be more sensitive. So make sure you use mild formulas (mild soap or gentle soap). Don’t use rough scrubs because they can aggravate irritation or acne.

2. Skin Soothing Gel

When the skin is still reddish rash and has not been injured, you can use a skin soothing gel, for example aloe vera gel that is already known for its skin soothing agent. Apply this soothing gel as soon as you see a reddish rash. When using the gel, avoid rubbing the skin or exposing it to the sun.    

3. Anti-Itch Cream  

When the skin is irritated, it is usually accompanied by itching. Well, this problem can be solved with an anti-itch cream that not only removes itching but also speeds up the healing process of the surface tissue of the injured skin.

4. Acne Medication

All medications or acne serum commonly used for the face can be used to relieve acne mechanica acne, especially those containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Wait until dry before wearing clothes because benzoyl peroxide has a bleaching effect that can change the color of clothes.

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