This Bag for British Royal Families Turns to Have a Secret Function

What is the main function of the bag for you? Perhaps most will answer the main function of the bag is to carry personal items or as part of fashion items. But it turns out for members of the British Empire, the bag is not merely a place to carry goods or accessories, but also be a ‘helper’ or secret code for their staff.

Reporting from, revealed by royal historian, Hugo Vickers that the nobles used to use accessories such as handbags and rings to give secret signals to the staff as a sign that the nobleman had wanted to end the conversation or must immediately leave the location of the event. So it’s not just for style, guys! Let your insight be more open, let’s check out

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  • Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Middleton almost always hold the clutch so it doesn’t get awkward when standing with the official pose at an important event

You will very rarely catch the princess present in an official event without the presence of a clutch or a small bag in both hands. In almost every event and photos taken by the princess are often seen in official clothing equipped with matching handbags. Reporting from, Myka Meier who is the founder of Beaumont Etiquette revealed that members of the kingdom do use a handbag to avoid awkwardness when standing in the middle of an official event.

  • In addition, Princess Kate’s handbag or clutch is used so that it doesn’t look awkward when shaking hands in an official forum

In addition to avoiding awkwardness when standing, a handbag that is often carried by Princess Kate also serves to avoid the awkward situation of the Princess when having to shake hands. With a handbag in his left hand, the Princess can be free from the awkwardness of having to shake an official hand, compared to if her left hand is empty without a bag.

  • The handbag is also used by the Queen of England to give a special code to her staff

Different again with Queen Elizabeth. Reporting from, the Queen uses her handbag to give a secret signal to her staff. If Princess Kate often looks fashionable with her clutch, the Queen prefers a small bag with a short strap that is easy to carry or hang on the wrist. It is said that if the Queen is seen moving her handbag from one hand to another, it means she wants to end the conversation immediately. Meanwhile, if he puts his bag on the table during an event, it means he must immediately finish the dinner and leave the event.

  • Besides bags, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth also has a secret code using her wedding ring you know! Tas Branded

it turns out the queen’s wedding ring also has a hidden meaning. It is said that if the Queen has been seen twirling her wedding ring, it means that she wants to end the conversation immediately and the staff must help her get out of the situation.

  • Meghan Markle doesn’t seem to bother with the function of her bag

There is a kind of unwritten rule in royal etiquette that princesses should not use sling bags on official occasions. But apparently the prospective daughter, Meghan Markle was not too concerned about it. In a number of events Meghan was seen wearing a sling bag that made it easier for her to interact with others with two more free hands. Many people think that Meghan wants to show a more open and relaxed attitude when meeting people. Sepatu Branded

Being a member of the kingdom is indeed not an easy job because there are certain rules and restrictions that are imposed, in the name of perfect etiquette and performance. Aside from being a symbol of the status of an elegant classic fashion, the bag also turned out to be used as a ‘helper’ secret for members of the work. If you, other than as a place to carry goods and part of fashion what other functions of your favorite bag?

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