The world’s most versatile bag, with 20 hidden functions

ALPAKA, a startup based in Melbourne, Australia claims that they have designed ‘the one and only bag everyone needs’. The bag has 20 storage functions behind its tiny model.

Reported by DailyMail, ALPAKA plans to produce and market the highly multifunctional 7ven bag. According to ALPAKA, the 7ven bag is suitable for digital era nomads, professionals, entrepreneurs, adventurers, those with a creative spirit, and athletes. This bag has more than 20 pockets which are enough to store various essentials, ranging from cellphones, laptops, loose change, wallets, keys, glasses, cables and adapters, documents, to portable sports equipment. Everything fits easily in one bag, doesn’t look cramped at all. Michaelkors Outlet

The bag is made of water-resistant material and is equipped with a magnetic protection. It can be worn in three ways: carried, crossed like a backpack, or slung over the shoulder like a tote bag. Tas Branded

But this bag is quite expensive. The plan, ALPAKA will sell each unit at a price of $ 229. But of course the price is still considered economical considering the quality of materials and various functions offered.

ALPAKA uploaded their designs on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. They want to raise $15,000 for 7ven production costs. But their project has managed to raise funds of $ 34,000 in just 4 days. Sepatu Branded

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