The Smart Way To Go Far and Long Time Only Just Carry One Bag – ii

8. Fold and roll is a powerful way to save space in the bag!

Yes, believe it or not, you will get more extra space in your bag by rolling up your clothes! Maybe some of you do not think to roll clothes because they are accustomed to piling it up. Folding and rolling clothes can make the dimensions of your clothes smaller and easier to organize in a bag Michaelkors Outlet

9. In addition to the roll method there is also a bundle method that is very useful so that your clothes do not wrinkle when put in a bag.

Wrap-bundle or bundle-wrapping technique is a technique of folding clothes by wrapping an object in the center with your clothes tightly. All you have to do is put your clothes stretching left, right, up and down alternately before being folded in one by one as well. The result is a tight and seamless fold of clothing.

10. The best packing is that there is no gap.

Tuck in your underwear or small clothing articles such as scarves, swimsuits, handkerchiefs, or belts between spaces left in the bag. For belts, attach your belt extending along the edge of the bag, rather than rolling it up. Tas Branded

11. A vacuum bag is like a miracle that can help you reduce the volume of your clothes and luggage.

Later many vacuum bag technology has been sold freely. The idea is to put the clothes that you have rolled or fold the bundle into a special plastic bag which is then completely smoked. The result is a bag filled with clothes that are deflated, sometimes flat, and hard. The weight remains the same, but the space used in your bag will be drastically reduced.

12. Bring objects that can have many functions, such as a holster and a parachute.

Especially for you who will often travel or go to areas where the facilities are incomplete. Multi-functional items such as sarong, for example, can benefit. For example as a place to change clothes, pillows, blankets, towels and so forth. Parachute cords can be used to tether extra luggage outside the bag, and also as an emergency clothesline.

13. Are you sure the camera, tablet, laptop, all you want to carry? It’s better to choose a gadget and arm it with multi-functional applications.

At present, it seems almost very difficult for us to part with electronic devices that can simplify life. But if everything is brought, of course our bags won’t be enough. So you don’t need to bring too many gadgets, install one of your favorite gadgets with applications that can replace the role of other gadgets. Advances in smartphones allow us to have cameras, electronic books, game consoles etc. in one gadget. Sepatu Branded

14. Wear the heaviest clothes, like jackets and shoes on your body when traveling to lighten the load on your bag.

The heaviest clothes like jackets and jeans can increase the weight of your bag, and usually the volume is also greater. Outsmart by carrying it using your body, aka wearing it while on a trip. Take advantage of the pockets on the clothes you are wearing to store knick knacks such as glasses, keys, notebooks, etc. If it’s hot, the jacket can be removed and attached, it doesn’t have to be worn.

15. Bring a duffel bag that can be folded to anticipate if you go home when you double your luggage.

Who knows, until you arrive at your destination, it turns out that you are buying new things or being entrusted by the same person at home; so it’s good if you bring an extra bag that can be folded just in case. In addition to duffel bags, backpacks made from lightweight and waterproof have also begun to be offered in the market. This backpack is usually packaged in such a way that it is very small when not being worn.

Now you don’t need to be confused and have difficulties when packing for long trips or long trips. All can fit in one bag, provided you want to practice the packing tips above and not be lazy, because your clothes will not fold themselves.

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