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You who often travel long distances for a long time, may be familiar with so much luggage. One bag is not enough to hold your things for the needs of 5 days to a week. In fact, it’s really troublesome if you have to carry 2-3 bags on a trip that takes more than a few hours. Already tired and achy, you still have to carry or drag items from the terminal to the homestay. If you are smart, turn your brain so you can travel long and long with just one bag. Don’t worry, this time Hipwee will give you a guide. Ready to read?

1. Choose a bag made from duffel or carrier. Although the dimensions are certain, the volume can expand so that more is filled

Look for bags with flexible materials such as duffel bags or carriers. There are also wheeled luggage made from duffel. This material is more flexible so that it can contain more goods, but is strong and allows us to cram a little more luggage. Look for bags that are not insulated inside so you can organize your luggage more easily. Michaelkors Outlet

For those of you who are going to board an airplane and intend to bring a bag into the cabin to reduce baggage fees, every airline has regulations regarding the size limit of bags that may be carried to the cabin. Some are based on weight, some are based on dimensions. For an average weight of around 7 kg, while for the dimensions of the bag around 22 x 14 x 9 inches aka 56 x 35 x 22 cm.

2. Your confusion in choosing which clothes to bring can be resolved by relying on matching colored clothes

You must have experienced this dilemma, especially if you are among those who care about appearance. But take it easy, this problem can be overcome by choosing matching colored clothes that can be combined and match as needed. In addition to matching colors, also choose clothes that can be used for formal and casual events. For example, black jeans, knee-length dress, which can be worn for a walk but are also suitable for dinner at an official event, or a shirt that is suitable for wearing in the crowd but also comfortable to sleep on.

3. Having a dress or shirt is okay. But don’t forget, invest also by buying clothes that don’t need to be ironed

The development of technology in the world of textiles has given birth to fabrics that are not easily wrinkled and lightweight. One example is the ‘wrinkle-resistant synthetic blends’ material that looks like wool or cotton but doesn’t wrinkle easily. There is also an ultra light material, which is a jacket or vest material that is waterproof and retains body heat but is very light. If you have more funds, in addition to adding to your clothing collection, you can buy clothes with materials like this to facilitate your luggage when traveling. Tas Branded

4. Bring each type of clothing in the amount of three. One set to wear, one washed, and the other sun-dried!

No, this has nothing to do with mystical beliefs about the number three. There is a logical explanation about the reasons for this one. To lighten luggage, it’s a good idea to wash your clothes while at your destination later instead of carrying as many clothes as you will leave. Or you can also use a laundry service if your place of stay provides it (but must be prepared with extra costs, yes). Why three? Because you can wear one set of clothes when your other clothes are being washed and the other one is being sun-dried. So no clothes are unemployed and you also will not lack clothes.

5. If you want to travel to cold temperatures, rely on clothing that can be worn in layers rather than a heavy coat

If you don’t have a lot of funds to be able to buy clothes with the latest technology materials as mentioned above, you can outsmart cold temperatures by wearing clothes that can be worn in layers. For example, a tank top covered with a t-shirt, then a sweat-shirt and finally a jacket. Or in a shirt covered with a lightweight dress which is then added to the cardigan, and parka.

6. Choose a reliable footwear that fits all your needs at the destination.

Footwear is often the heaviest article of clothing. In addition, most forms of footwear are not as flexible as clothing fabrics so they will take up more space. Therefore, minimize the amount of footwear that you want to bring. Choose just one footwear that you feel will be suitable for all occasions.

7. Shoes that will certainly take up quite a large space in your bag, have extra space that can be utilized. Sepatu Branded

If you carry shoes in a bag, use the shoe cavity to place items that can be clenched. Fill the cavity of your shoes with socks, gloves, ties or underwear that have been neatly rolled up. Or you can also cram accessories for filling the empty space.

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