The reason why girls like to keep buying bags, etc. and it’s hard to stop

As a girl, it’s never enough to have a few clothes. The closet also looks cramped for a long time due to too many items in it. It could even be that Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet still doesn’t accommodate all the shopping ‘sins’ that girls do. As a result, all the things that girls buy can be scattered everywhere. But how are you? So the girl is indeed known as a creature who loves shopping. In fact, you can’t even stop shopping.

But actually, we girls have a reason, you know, why can’t we stop buying clothes and other fashion items? Listen to this story from the bottom of our hearts.

  1. Color Michaelkors Outlet, Michaelkors Outlet

We are very sensitive about matching colors and what doesn’t. It really bothers us if the colors used don’t match. Yellow bag and blue shirt? The truth is, there is also pain in the eyes. And what makes me most happy is, we don’t just like one or two colors. Almost all colors we like, if necessary all colors have. Yes, that’s how it is, our eyes are hard to divert when we see funny colors.

  1. Bored

For us, being impressed by having the same clothes is enough to make us feel insecure. For this reason, it is important for us to have lots of clothes that can be mixed and matched in an interesting way. We really care about appearance. And do you know? The price of clothes and accessories is getting cheaper now. We can’t stand to buy it.

  1. Tempted Tas Branded

Online shop is a double-edged sword. One makes us happy because we see cute things and want to adopt everything that is there, the second makes us go crazy and spend money like we like. Indeed, we always provide savings for old age. But the temptation of an online shop, especially clothes, shoes, and bags. Especially if our friends show off their ‘game’ from a certain online shop. Duh, how can we refuse?

  1. Mix and match

The right mix and match has become our daily diet. We don’t want to look shabby and shabby or the clothesline is running just because we mix and match colors. For that, we always feel the need to buy outfits that are suitable for each of our clothes. It is only natural that we set aside a little money to buy things that are pleasing to the eye and attractive to our hearts. Of course.

  1. Variations Sepatu Branded

For parties or formal events, we usually deliberately prepare special clothes for that moment. I don’t want to use it for other events. If a dress has been worn too many times to an invitation, after a while we will be notified that the dress is the same again. That’s why every time there’s a new invitation, we’ve been thinking about what to wear, what kind of clothes to buy, and what kind of model.

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