The reason Princess Diana always carried a handbag on her left arm

Throughout her life, the late Princess Diana was known to have a variety of distinctive dress styles, including the accessories she often carried. The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry is also known for her habit of carrying handbags. That signature has inspired a number of well-known fashion brands, including Lady Dior, the iconic bag from the fashion house Dior, which was renamed in honor of Diana. Michaelkors Outlet

She also sparked the trend with what Diana considers a cleavage bag, which she uses to protect her body when getting in and out of cars. But royal fans may have also noticed Diana’s habit of holding her handbag.

Diana always carried her bag on her left arm, despite the fact that she was not left-handed. But in the years since, other royals such as Kate Middleton have also been seen carrying a handbag on their left arm.

Reported by Express, royal etiquette expert, Myka Meier explained the reason for the nobility to carry a bag in the left hand. When entering a room or event, hold the handbag or suitcase in the left hand, so that the right hand remains free to meet, greet, and shake hands.

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“Prince Charles did this too,” Meier wrote in an Instagram post showing Diana carrying her handbag. This answer is understandable, considering that Diana is a very well-known figure, so maybe she will have a lot of contact with other people when visiting a place.

Diana was even known as a person who likes to shake hands and hug people she meets, so that she is known as the “People’s Princess”. So do not be surprised if the etiquette of holding the handbag is deliberately chosen so that he can greet people wherever he can. Sepatu Branded

Princess Diana isn’t the only royals to put a lot of thought into her handbag etiquette. Queen Elizabeth II also has a kind of secret language when it comes to her handbags. Royal historian Hugo Vickers told People magazine a few years ago about the very deliberate use of the Queen’s handbag. “It would be very worrying if you talk to the Queen and see the handbag move from one hand to another,” he said. Why is that? Because, this gesture is a sign that the Queen wants to end the conversation with the person she is talking to. After finding out about it, we might pay more attention to the Queen’s gestures if you have the chance to meet him. However, you do not necessarily realize it because the Queen will do it so subtly.

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