The Most Stylish Summer Bag Trend 2020

Every season there is always a new trend. And yes, summer also presents the latest bag trends. Summer bag trends vary year after year. If you’re looking for a bag that really presents the warmth and cheer of the summer as well as the latest fashion trends in 2020.
The following trend of the Summer 2020 bag that you can make a guide when shopping for fashion,

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  • Bag with Chain Strap

Chains are popping up everywhere, ranging from jewelry, shoes, and now bags. Bag trend now is to make the chain as the main strap or additional strap (can be used or as decoration only). However, chain straps add some shiny bling to any purse. Like the Stevie Crossbody Brown Fossil. Leather material and vintage-style bag design look more modern with a long chain strap that can be used as a sling bag or crossbody bag.

  • Hobo Bag

This bag generally comes in a crescent shape which is equipped with a handle or strap used as a shoulder bag. Hobo bag popular in the era of the 2000s and has now again become the most happening 2020 bag trend, proven to be used by many world style icons. If you don’t have a hobo bag yet, you can choose the super duper stylish Hannah Hobo Fossil with a combination of leather and velvet material that is also trendy in the summer. Wear this bag when you take OOTD photos to look like the most hit fashion influencer. Tas Branded

Bag with Buckle Detail
Bag with Buckle Detail
  • Bag with Buckle Details

Summer 2020 bag trends are all about the details with statement-making buckles. Usually this buckle is present right in the front center of the bag, making it look more edgy. Like the statement buckles that you can find in the Summer 2020 Fossil collection. The wide strap and gold hardware at Fossil Wiley Crossbody make this bag a “wow” kind of purchase. The buckle detail on Fileil Wiley Satchel’s vintage style also makes it a very trendy modern touch to wear in 2020.

  • 70s Style Graphic Tote Bag

Speaking of totes, retro graphic design has also become a trend for the Summer 2020 bag. You can find bags like this on the Liebeskind Berlin Paper Bag Tote S Graffiti Black with Poppy Red. This tote bag has a red and black graffiti motif that is very retro in style. Moreover, this bag which is inspired by the shape of a paper bag has a durable leather material so it is good for investment. Well, for those of you who prefer the fanny pack bag model, you can choose the Bright Orange Fossil Sport Sling Pack which is equipped with an exciting patch that makes your appearance even more funky.

  • Rainbow Stripes Patterned Bag

Multicolored stripes are going to be huge for summer. If you like bags that are colorful and look cheerful, bags like the Fossil Camilla Small Backpack Bright Stripe will certainly make you happy. Moreover, this backpack can be used also as a shoulder bag. So, it’s not just a matter of the trend of the Summer 2020 bag that is full of colorful lines, but also of diverse functions. If you are tired of carrying a bag, you can immediately turn it into a sling bag. Exciting! Sepatu Branded

  • Boxy Bag

If you are into a more classic style, a satchel bag with a boxy silhouette can be an option. There are two choices of the latest satchel bags from the Summer 2020 collection, namely Fossil Lane Satchel Henna and Liebeskind Berlin L-Bag Satchel M Taupe. These two bags come in the right size, neither too big nor too small, so you can carry all your necessities. The minimalist design with a silhouette like a box is also very characteristic of the 2020 bag trend which is very hype. Enter in your collection.

From the trend of the Summer 2020 bag above, which one do you like the most?

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