The Most Stylish Bag Type for Men When Traveling

You still want style when traveling? Besides the appearance of clothes, you also have to pay attention to your luggage. Starting from what bag you use when traveling. When the function is not enough, choosing a bag should also pay attention to the model, you know. Check out the recommendations below for the 6 most stylish men’s bags to wear when traveling.

1. Carrier bags made specifically for backpacking or exploring

Carriers or those that look like large backpacks are perfect for long trips. You can carry lots of things in it. Choose a carrier bag that is most suitable for your travel hobby. For example, you can take a carrier with a capacity of 30-40 liters to be safe.

Don’t forget to always choose a quality bag that is safe too, yes. Keep the physical condition of the bag in good condition as in proportion to the body and a comfortable shoulder strap. Try also to look for bags that have pads on the back and cavities on the top of the bag so that there is room for air circulation. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Daypack bags if you only travelling in a short time

Meanwhile, for shorter distances and shorter time you can use a day pack, aka a small backpack. Its capacity is only about 18-24 liters. Often the day pack is used to accompany the carrier. If there is luggage that has not been put in a large bag, you can bring this companion bag.

Use this bag for a walk too. You can bring drinking bottles, snacks, travel wallet and travel documents in it. The bags available on the daypack are also usually more in accordance with the design.

Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

3. Slim sling bags for close destinations

To travel just one day you do not need to use a backpack, lah. You just need to use a sling bag that’s a little big. Apart from not having a lot of luggage for you, you also won’t have a lot of luggage attached to your trip. You also do not need to be confused where to put your things. Once you arrive at your destination, you can immediately walk.

4. Large suitcases are used for long time and long distance traveling

Sometimes, traveling away makes our backs and waist aches. The best choice is to replace your bag with a wheeled suitcase. This suitcase is most popular when you travel far away like using an airplane for traveling. Packing things in a suitcase is also much more organized.

5. Waist bags for traveling at the destination

Isn’t it complicated to take small things in a suitcase? Indeed, if you don’t want to be bothered, you need to use another small bag to accompany your luggage bag. Waist bags can be a good solution for carrying small equipment during your vacation such as mobile phones, wallets and other travel documents.

6. Duffle bag to travel by train or bus

Now this duffle bag is widely used for fitness activities. But that’s not always the case. You can also use it for traveling. You can fill it with lots of stuff so it’s easy to carry. The disadvantage is that your shoulders may be biased. So, wear this bag if your trip is not too far away.

If deemed necessary, you can bring two or three types of bags that you will need at your vacation destination.

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