The most popular handbag of all time

If you want to invest in something that you enjoy wearing at the same time, leave it to the handbag. Luxury designer bags can be used as investments, meaning they can be cashed back. It could be a capital to buy a new bag, if you are bored with the old bag.

According to Soohee Cho, Director of Supply at Vestiaire Collective, to Zoe Report, the selling value of certain bags can be even higher, depending on the value of the bag itself. For example, a Hermes Birkin from 2012 that is in good condition, can be sold for more than its original price. No wonder, because Birkin is the queen of handbags. Michaelkors Outlet

Chanel Timeless Bag
Chanel Timeless Bag

Actually, it’s okay to spend a lot of money on luxury bags. Besides being an investment, these bags can enhance the wearer’s style because of their quality, style, and timeless beauty. Even though it is no longer sold, the exorbitant price (if sold again) will give its own definition to our appearance. Tas Branded

If you want to buy a luxury bag and consider the investment side, Cho suggests paying attention to the quality, popularity, and number of bags on the market. When it was sold, there were two rules that Cho underlined. First, maintain and care for the bag by storing it in its original storage place (along with accessories, such as dustbag and authenticity card) when not in use. Second, sell it in a trusted place, such as an online store that specializes in selling branded items, so that the bags we sell can be easily accessed by the same community.

Then, what luxury bag is timeless and its selling value is increasing from time to time? There are the top four bags, as Cho said. They are Chanel Timeless, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Hermes Birkin and Kelly, and Balenciaga City. These four bags should be taken home later if you plan to buy and make it an investment. Sepatu Branded

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