The most expensive bags in the world. The price is fantastic!

Bags become one of the fashion accessories that can hardly be separated from women. When traveling out of the house, surely you feel something is missing right if you do not carry a bag? Not only is it used as a place to carry goods such as wallets and smartphones, now bags are also widely used as representatives of one’s social status. Yup, the more branded and expensive the bag used by a woman, the higher the social status in the eyes of others. Top 10 most expensive bags in the world :

10 Gadino Bag

Ranked the 10th most expensive bag in the world, there is a Gadino Bag designed by a famous Norwegian bag designer named Hilde Palladino. With materials made from genuine crocodile skin, decorated with 39 pieces of white diamonds and equipped with white gold clasps on the front, do not be surprised if this luxury bag is priced at USD 38 thousand.

9 New Age Traveler Backpack

Made from a series of unused electronic goods such as telephone cables, this might make the appearance of a Louis Vuitton backpack too crowded and unattractive. But because of its uniqueness, the backpack, named New Age Traveler, sells for $ 50 thousand.

8 Louis Vuitton Patchwork Bag

Louis Vuitton’s name in the world of fashion, especially handbags, is no doubt. This French bag manufacturer has also issued so many limited edition bags that are priced at no joke, one of which is this Patchwork Bag. By combining the remaining 15 different pieces of material, Louis Vuitton managed to make a unique and artistic bag. Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag is made limited, which is only 24 units and all of them have been sold for USD 52 thousand per piece.

7 Lieber Precious Rose Bag

Want to have this beautiful red rose shaped bag easily? Unfortunately the Lieber Precisious Rose Bag is only one in the world, Toppers. The bag designed by a famous bag designer named Judith Lieber is sprinkled with 1,016 diamonds with a level of 42.56 carats, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmalines. Wow, how fancy is Toppers. With its beauty and luxury, don’t be surprised if the only bag in the world is sold for USD 92 thousand

6 Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

For you lovers of leather bags, definitely like this bag, Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag! The name “Birkin” itself is taken from the name of an actress and singer wife, Jane Birkin. Made with genuine crocodile leather and decorated with 10 carat white diamonds on all of its clips, it is only natural that this bag can be sold for USD 120 thousand

5 Margaret Thatcher Black Handbag Michaelkors Outlet

This one bag is sold at a high price not only because of its manufacturing material, but more because this bag represents the strength of the former first female British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. This black bag is often used by Margaret Thatcher when attending important state meetings. The 26-year-old black bag produced by luxury and exclusive British producers, Asprey was successfully auctioned and sold for USD 159 thousand

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse
Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse

4 Lana Mark Cleopatra Clutch

This luxurious white clutch bag made by Lana Marks is only made 1 piece per year. Made from genuine crocodile leather, sprinkled with 1,500 black and white diamonds with 18 carat content, making this bag worth a fortune of USD 250 thousand. Some world-famous celebrities like Helen Mirren also used this luxury clutch at the 79th Academy Awards in 2007.

3 Chanel Diamond Forever

Ranked in the top 3 of the most expensive bags in the world, there’s the Chanel Diamond Forever! The bag is also made of genuine crocodile leather and decorated with 334 diamonds with a level of 3.56 carats. Not until there, the bag strap is made of white gold with a level of 18 carats. Wooww really fancy right Toppers? Want to try the sensation of wearing this luxury bag? But you must be prepared to spend $ 261 thousand

2 The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka

The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka is one of the Hermes Birkin “Birkin” series. The name “Birkin” itself is taken from the name of an actress and singer wife, Jane Birkin. Bag made by a designer bag from Japan, Ginza Tanaka managed to sit in the order of the 2 most expensive bags ever in the world. Made in 2008, this bag is made from platinum with more than 2,000 diamonds with 10 carat content. While the lock is made of 18 carat white gold. Want to know the price? Do not be surprised. This luxury bag is sold at USD 1.9 million

1 Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse

The price of the nine bags above make you almost heartbroken? Wait a minute. You will definitely be even more surprised if you know the price of this one bag, USD 3 million. Wow really right ?? The House of Mouawad bag was successfully recorded as the most expensive bag in the world in the Guinnes Book of Word Records. Made with 4,515 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink, and 4,356 colorless) with a total weight of 381.92 carats, it is only natural that Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse is dubbed as the most expensive and most expensive bag in the world.

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