The history of a bag

Initially the bag only serves to carry goods, but now its function is more to beautify the appearance or for fashion purposes only. Most people, especially women, are very concerned about the compatibility between the clothes he was wearing with the bag he was carrying.

Model bags that we often use today actually come from handbags / handbags that are commonly used by people in ancient times.

New bags are as popular now as the historic events of the second world war, when many adverts were adorned in magazines and newspapers that displayed a variety of bags and models. Michaelkors Outlet

At that time, bags were only made of simple materials such as synthetic leather, cloth and vinyl. Because genuine leather is quite rare and expensive, synthetic leather is made as an alternative to the use of leather as a raw material for bags. Synthetic leather dominates as much as 60% of leather bags on the market.

In addition to the material mentioned earlier, there is also a paper bag or thick paper that was originally used by the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty. Chinese people used to use this paper bag to store various items including tea.

In addition to paper bags that were originally used by Chinese people, the world community itself was only beginning to recognize bags as bread wrappers. After that came the plastic bags that were marketed around 25 – 35 percent and eventually circulated massively on the market. At this time, plastic bags themselves are easily found in supermarkets because they are used instead of paper bags.

History records that the Egyptians used bags around the 14th century, although other historical writings mention that the ancient Egyptians also used waist bags for traveling.

Waist bags are also commonly used as waist fastening belts. The embroidery and decoration on the bag reflects the person’s social status. This is because more and more luxury means the bag is increasingly difficult to make.

In the 16th century, handbags or tote bags were created that were easier and more practical to use in daily activities. The manufacturing material is made of leather which has fastening buttons on the top.

In this age travel bags are larger and are worn by crossing them to the body. A new fashionable bag that emerged in the 17th century, was marked by the emergence of a variety of small sized bags that have many shapes and models.

Women at that time also made beautiful embroidered bags and were used to marry later. During its development, more and more beautiful and unique bags and crafts produced by women at that time.

Entering the 18th century neo-classical fashion trends emerged which were very popular with minimal clothing models or were open for women. This fashion trend makes small bags or purses look inappropriate when carried. Therefore, women in this age began to use handbags.

Women also have various types of bags that have different functions and their use is adjusted to the activities undertaken. This is again influenced by magazines and media which both explain and popularize this.

Although the shape of the bag is different, the contents of the women’s bags are more or less the same. Ie, containing makeup equipment such as wallets, powder, lipstick and perfume.

Thus the information on the history of the bag that we can summarize, hopefully it will help and benefit us all.

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