The Easy Way to Know the Best Quality Leather Men’s Handbags

A bag like a parachute, once you fail to choose and wear it, you will really be disappointed. When going to the office, business trip, or just a meeting at the cafe, the bag has an important role to carry the equipment you need. Leather bags are one of the most sought-after bags for men.  

The skin provides a luxurious effect and exclusive impression for the wearer. However, because of interest, leather bags become the main target for cheap imitators. Don’t get caught up, here are five easy ways to find the best quality leather bags.  

1. Check the hardware

When you are looking for a new briefcase, suitcase, backpack, weekend bag or any leather bag, this is what you should see first: hardware! The hardware in a leather bag can tell you a lot about the overall quality of the product in one glance. If it is clipped, the hinge on which the lever is attached, or other metal equipment that looks thin you should avoid this leather bag.  

Bags from established manufacturers who don’t rush the process often have hardware that is unique in several ways. They may be engraved or have a distinctive shape. Conversely, cheap bags will have buckles that look like they were made from. Good hardware will also generally feel heavier and more substantial.   Michaelkors Outlet

Another major introduction to hardware quality is zippers. Unlike other hardware parts, even luxury manufacturers usually order zippers specifically. The majority of zippers used by the fashion industry are made by YKK. Most of this is acceptable, although they can break as they get older.  

The best zippers are made by Raccagni or Riri. This zipper feels heavier and glides much smoother. Raccagni zippers are the fruit of 30 years of research. The Raccagni family individually checks and polishes each of their zipper teeth and adjusts about the brands that they work with, one of them being Tom Ford.

2. The best skin type

Ideally if you want a bag made of 100% full-grain leather or Vachetta leather, you must be really careful before you buy it. Don’t waste money on accessories labeled “genuine leather.” There is a leather bag with material made from pieces of leather and then turned into pulp and then into a piece of cloth.  

You don’t have to pay a fortune for strength and durability that is similar to a much cheaper material. When choosing a bag, consider how the material will fit your lifestyle. Textured leather is seen as less formal (rougher texture, more casual bags) but it will hide scratches more easily, making it a good choice for commuters.

3. Stitch outside

Really good and good quality leather bags almost always have saddle stitches. This is a technique that can only be done by hand, by pushing two separate needles through each hole and turning one thread up. Machine stitching is done with a single needle and two threads twisted together under the fabric under each stitch. Single-thread saddle stitching is much stronger and will never unravel. If one of the stitches is damaged it won’t affect the others.

To find out if the bag was sewn carefully, look at the handle first. A well-sewn handle will feel wrapped around the frame and has no wrinkles. The skin must be tight around the thread at each stitch.

4. Inside construction

Check the inside of the leather bag. Usually good quality leather bags don’t have deep creases and are so soft and even when held. The stitches should line up with one of the edges or bottom stitches when you push the inner layer of the bag tightly. Hem or wrinkles in the fabric lining the bag can warn of signs of poor construction.

5. Printed text

Painting or printing that is done poorly can make the skin fade from time to time. A durable leather bag will have a logo that is pressed against the surface of the skin directly.  

Leather bags increase the need to carry items to intentional style statements. A good leather bag can be a complement to dozens of clothes. Be sure to shop smart and monitor potential losses. Every money you spend on a wardrobe is an investment in your image for years to come.

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