The Cons / Disadvantages of Messenger Bags For Men “Are messenger bags actually better and more comfortable than backpacks?”

It is safe to say that everything depends. Also, unless the environment and working place is in urban setting, where most men carry some sort of bag for their personal belongings, waiting to be looked at and even screened by security. So, what are the disadvantages of the messenger bags?

messenger bag
messenger bag

1. It is not so comfortable for cyclists

Cycling around the city in the summer season can be fun, or it can be a terrible nuisance instead. It depends on the city, of course, the purpose of the trip (business or leisure?), but also has to do with how equipped someone is. Anyone who rides a bicycle on the regular, and sometimes when he / she is needed to take bulkier stuff, like a laptop, a book or two, and / or assignments for school will tell you that backpacks are the last resort. They make your back sweat like crazy and are usually only suitable for longer trips, which are required to carry a load. Messenger bags may be more comfortable for shorter trips when you need to make several stops and do not carry much. However, still it is uncomfortable for the following reasons:

– Because they hang low on the back, which will still sweat a bit;

– They can throw off the balance on the bike, in case of being overloaded;

– They can seriously stress shoulder on trips that are more than a couple of miles.

For all the above reasons, seasoned urban cyclists recommend suitcases, backpacks or luggage in most scenarios. The only exception is when, for example, when the direction is only heading downtown to work on laptop for a few hours and then meet friends for drinks.


2. Less stable than a backpack

Based on the point above, even if the situation is not during biking, messenger bags can be felt as a little harder to handle than backpacks sometimes. While commuting in rainy weather for example, and the messenger bag does not come with a shoulder strap that has a strong grip, the bag will keep slipping out. In the same way, if a heavier load is needed to be carried, shoulder will rapidly go sore with a messenger bag which would not be the case with a backpack.

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