Super Fabric Wallet with special fabric that can last up to 10 years

Wallet for some people is not just a place to store money and cards, but also a collection item. Unlike shoes, wallet for some people do not need to be replaced as often as possible. For that, the wallet must have a long durability. Usually, long-life wallet using premium leather. Even though it’s been stored for a long time, the ingredients won’t mold. However, MORE by Morello re-introduced an international brand from Chicago, Pioneer, which has a very long endurance, exceeding even premium leather wallets. Michaelkors Outlet

Not only stylish, this wallet is equipped with advanced technology, Super Fabric, which uses two different materials namely 10XD and 3PN. With this technology, Pioneer can last up to 10 years. This 10XD and 3PN material makes this wallet 10 times stronger than other wallets, including leather ones. This fabric from 10XD is the result of mixing polyethylene yarn with a very high molecular weight, 10 times stronger than steel by weight. This yarn is then mixed and becomes a smooth nylon ripstop. Sepatu Branded


In addition, the blending of the fabric called UHMWPE with nylon is then coated with Dirt and Water Resistant, which produces a strong, tight, and tight ripstip fabric. So, this fabric will be waterproof. This water resistance can be proven with a wallet that can be machine washed. The founder of Pioneer, Henry Lefens, admitted that at first he was very curious about textile objects. He also told me, that the process of making Pioneer is not easy and requires a long time with a lot of trial-and-error. “As a young designer, I want to know whether textile-based objects can be designed in such a way as to rival the precision and engineering of long-lasting heavy equipment. Pioneer creation process is not easy, it takes a long time with a lot of trial-and-error to find good material like 10XD now. “Using heat, pressure, very high strength fabrics and obsessive attention to detail, Pioneer was born,” he said. Tas Branded

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