Stylish with Wallet? Get to know the 8 coolest types of wallets for men

You don’t like to be complicated and choose to carry your wallet everyday? Yes, many men choose this style because it feels simple and casual. Especially if you don’t want to travel far, for example, just to the mall. What wallet do you wear now? That’s not the only wallet model available, you know. To make you look more perfect, let’s see the 8 coolest types of wallets for men that you can complete at home.

1. A simple two-fold wallet
The most standard type of wallet for men is a folding wallet. With a simple design, you can put your money and cards in one place. The size is also right for you who don’t want to carry too much hand when you go out. You can put it in a bag. Make sure the wallet you buy has the right size according to your card and money.

2. Triple fold wallet with bigger size

The shape is similar to a two-fold wallet above. The difference is that this wallet is bigger so it needs to be folded into three. This design is very classic and usually has a longer size. If you don’t like holding folded money, this model is the best choice. Unfortunately, this wallet doesn’t fit right in my pants. There is a little part of the wallet poking out of the bag. It might feel a little uncomfortable when you sit down.

3. Slim hybrit wallet for cards and less money

When many people still pay attention to wallet design, this one type of wallet instead provides the most modern choice. This wallet is made with very cheap capital with a low profile design. Only the card holder is made of flexible silicone material. The main problem is only when you want to bring a lot of money. Maybe you will be confused where to put it.

4. Money clipper for travelers Michaelkors Outlet

This model is the lowest type of wallet. More precisely it almost doesn’t look like a wallet at all. Money clipper is quite classic and is perfect for men who choose a minimalist style. Money clipper has also been widely produced in a variety of modern designs. Especially by manufacturers of sports accessories such as skateboards or surfing. For cashless times like now, this model might be the most appropriate choice.

5. Wallet with money clipper

If you can’t choose between a money clipper or a folding wallet, no problem. You can choose both. Now many men’s wallets combine the functions of the two types of wallets. Usually, folding wallets are used to store cards while the clipper is used to clamp banknotes.

6. Chechkbook wallet for the vintage style of young executives

In ancient times, this type of long, slim, double fold wallet was very trendy among people in the upper middle economic level. This was used to carry check books in the past. However, now this model is a favorite for those who like vintage style. To be more cool, you can be stylish with a jacket and put this wallet in a pocket on the inside of the jacket.  

7. Coin wallet with zippers

In Indonesia, we still often use coins. It must be annoying not knowing where to store coins. Then, we choose to place it in a bag that might disappear instantly when we need it. Maybe this could be the answer for you. Put your cards, banknotes and coins in the same wallet so they don’t get lost and are easy to carry.  

8. Card storage wallet or cardholder

Or you can just bring a cardholder. This could be a solution for you who really do not like to bring paper money. Cardholders are also easy for you to store anywhere. Maybe in a pants pocket or in a bag.

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