“Stylish” Styles of Wearing a Backpack

Wearing a backpack often gives a sense of nerdy to some people’s perceptions. In fact, along with the development of the era, backpacks or bags with the concept of a back or what is known as a backpack have evolved into a fashion trend for men today. The problem is, there are still many male audiences in general who do not really understand how to use an eccentric backpack to make it look stylish. And in fact, the use of this backpack is only used as a vital necessity that does not need to pay attention to suitable styles or modes to make it look attractive.

Reporting from the men’s fashion page, mrporter.com (21/12/2016), the use of a backpack or backpack can be adapted to several circumstances and styles to suit current trends. Not only can it be used for daily work purposes, but also to attend formal events as well, in such a way you can use a backpack in style to keep the accent neat and not monotonous.

The complicated dynamic life of the capital demands high mobility with the many necessities that are carried out in all matters. With these various activities, modern men – who pay attention to fashion – are required to look attractive even though they wear a backpack as a primary accessory. Various styles need to be adjusted according to the shape of the bag you want to wear. An attractive casual look is one of the mainstay styles for men with office routines today, regardless of whether the man works in a rigid industrial area such as a bank or law firm.
So give it an eccentric look even when using a backpack or backpack. For several companies that are generally engaged in creative fields, the display image above is the first option in having a stylish style by using a backpack. Of course, with the type of backpack that supports its stylish appearance too, namely Leather or Suede Backpack which is very suitable to be paired with denim pants or jeans and shirts with masculine accents with basic motifs, added with basic sweaters according to the uniform color of the shirts worn.

Give it a relaxed and casual look by not tucking the shirt into the jeans that are entangled with the belt. However, it needs special attention to the size of the shirt. In this way it must be made to fit the size of the body in order to still give a neat statement to the given appearance.

  • With a Jacket or Outer (Outer)

If you have a type of backpack with a large volume like the picture above, look at the look by wearing an additional outer or outer bag on the shirt and chino pants that are used to give a casual accent that is formal. Usually, men who are engaged in work in creative fields will choose this style option.
Adjust the outer or outer that is worn with the barrel of the color that is owned by the backpack being worn. As in the picture above, the colors contained in the leather-trimmed backpack have different nuances with the texture and material of the bag that supports the color to be more suitable when juxtaposed with outer shades of green or navy blue. White is also the right choice to pair the colors to keep them. have a harmonious mix and match colors.

  • With the formal appearance of office clothing.

The modern era is currently preparing a plan to transfer to the realm of the creative industry which always carries a casual perception, even though the company operates in the formal realm such as banking, large corporations, and law firms. A tactic that men with jobs that require a formal look is to use a leather backpack that has a masculine, simple, and eccentric accent. So that the expensive nuances that are given will always shine.

This type of leather bag with dark colors is the right option that should be worn by every man who wants to give a formal, eccentric look with a backpack. Pair the color between the leather bag worn with the dark outfit on top and the pants made of the same color as the top. Generally, office men who always wear a suit will carefully match their top and bottom colors.

Try to always wear a suit or shirt with a blazer that is the right size or fits your body type. Because wearing a backpack with two straps, it requires a fitting appearance so it doesn’t look messy. A little tip for men who often wear formal clothes to the office, give a masculine accent and remain stylish by carrying the backpack in the right hand – or left, or carrying it with only one strap. Cool accents will emanate from this style.

  • Wear it with a leather jacket

Typically, men who want to wear a leather jacket must match the color that is not the same, either for the pants worn or even a leather bag. Give an eccentric accent to its appearance by providing contrasting color matching on each part; leather bags, leather jackets, and tops and bottoms. Tas Branded
The perception of cool will always be implied by men who wear leather jackets to go to all occasions, whether formal or informal though. The contrast color seen in the image above shows a strong statement in terms of fashion. A leather jacket worn with a leather bag should have a contrasting color that is far different so that it still gives a harmonious appearance even with the same type of material between the two.

  • Wear it with a denim jacket

Besides leather jackets, men in general will always like to wear jackets or tops made of jeans, which are often known as denim. The combination of jeans made from jeans is the right choice and match between the top and the bottom of the outfit you want to show. Bags made of rigid fabrics – or those that are not stiff – are a great match for this denim look.

Unlike the case with leather clothing and bags, this type does not require men to wear different contrasting colors between their jackets and bags. In fact, it would be better if you wear a jean top with a blend of colors that is in line with the color theme of the bag worn. Masculine accents and prepiations will naturally emanate from this style. There is no standard and special style of bag that must be used, as long as the material of the bag is not leather or suede. Because, it can experience clashes in terms of the appearance given.

  • Casual shorts with a backpack.

Men in general will choose chinos for any casual occasion that is somewhat informal. The combination of polo-shirts with chinos material will give a casual simplicity accent. Its application with a backpack or backpack also supports an attractive appearance by not eliminating the perception of the accent. Sepatu Branded
It is recommended to always wear bright colors on the tops and pants that will be worn. Because, simplicity with a feel of casual simplicity is formed from the mix and match of these colors. The backpack that is worn must also be made of material other than leather and suede as described in the previous point. Rigid fabrics with basic or plain designs are suitable for wearing with shorts and polo-shirts.

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