Stylish Batik Bags for Traveling

Want a vacation but don’t want to look boring with brown batik? No need to worry. For matters of the bag, the color brown instead becomes the last choice. Many colors of batik bags can brighten up the look of your holiday. Here are recommendations for batik bag colors that are suitable for your traveling activities.

Bringing a blue or green accessory to the beach area gives a fresh impression to your look. If you plan to enjoy the beach breeze all day, choose a size that is not too big so it is not too much of a hassle. You can also combine it with natural colored clothes like light brown or white.

  • Traveling while working? Choose bolder colors like red

The red color is suitable for more serious events. Who would have thought, it turns out that the red batik pattern also gave the impression of being playful, you know. For two purposes at the same time as work and traveling, choose a backpack large enough. So, it can fit for your laptop and holiday equipment.

  • Display light and easy with white based colors

Imagine walking in the middle of a bazaar or pop-up market in Seoul or Paris. In winter like now, surely you will need stacked clothes that already make you look thick. It is better to combine it with batik bag with white or other soft colors. So, your bag doesn’t make it look fuller and heavier.  

Do you have to travel to attend your wedding invitation or just attend a music festival? The combination of bright colors over black will give a prominent accent to support your party attire. You can choose whatever color you like or adjust it with other accessories. If you prefer a glamorous look, try a combination of black and gold or silver.  

  • Color combination for a walk in the middle of the city

Prefer man made trips aka visiting man-made places? Examples such as malls, museums, coffee shops, and other places of entertainment? You need bright colors in your accessories. Including the batik bag that you want to carry. Try mixing a short dress with a tote bag model. You can get the streetstyle look that’s still sweet.

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