Stylish Bag for Weekend Use

The weekend is coming soon! Have you decided which weekend to enjoy? Starting from family gathering to quality time with a partner, may have become a priority. Oh yes, to maximize the appearance of the weekend is the bag an important role that you think? Before the weekend, you should know 5 stylish bag models to accompany the following weekend.

  • Micro bag that is ready to steal the attention

Take a break from your favorite clutch and replace it with a micro bag! Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. Choose a brightly colored bag that is able to steal attention on the display even though its size is small. Simply wearing a simple dress or plain top with this bag can make you look elegant on weekends.

  • Simple clutch for chic style

If you like chic, on weekends. You can wear clothes with a soft color and wear a clutch with a white color that looks neutral. Clutch looks suitable if used for hangouts or just lunch with friends who make an elegant and feminine look at the same time. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Bucket bag that was trending in the 90s

The bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and has now returned as a bag favored by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top. Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. For weekends, you can choose the type of bucket bag that suits your style. The bag comes in simple models to models with powerful stud details.

  • Rattan bags for relaxing in outdoor places

Want to enjoy a weekend at an outdoor location like a cafe or beachfront? To be more integrated with nature, match clothes with rattan handbags. Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. This bag is also favored by fashion lovers, making you always on trend when using this bag. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

  • Unique animal design backpack

Want to look different on weekends? Dare to try a backpack with this animal design? The exciting atmosphere is immediately reflected when you wear a backpack with this cartoon crocodile design. With this bag, it can melt the atmosphere of your weekend which will surely make people around you feel stolen by this bag. Just wear a sweater and jeans, you can immediately look stylish.

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