Stylish and practical handbag models to use for invitations

Bored with the bag to the invitation that’s all? Want to find a new bag, but confused about what kind of model, huh? Need to reference a suitable bag to wear to the invitation? Maybe you can try using a handbag that can steal attention. These 5 models of stylish and practical handbags to use for the Invitation.    

  • Micro bag
Micro bag
Micro bag

Take a break from your favorite clutch and replace it with a micro bag! Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. To go to the invitation, choose a micro bag with a model that looks formal and choose a brightly colored bag that can steal attention on the display even though its size is small. Simply wearing a simple dress or plain top with this bag can make an elegant appearance when invited to.

  • Clutch Floral

The classic dress choice will be the outfit for the invitation next week. To maximize the appearance, choose a floral accented clutch that is ready to strengthen the classic impression. Usually this floral accent comes with a three-dimensional design or print on the bag. Just adjust it to your taste, of course you look elegant with the touch of this bag.

The bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and has now returned as a bag that is loved by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top. Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. For invitations, choose a bucket bag with a portable model that impresses a more formal look.

  • Rattan bags for outdoor events

Got an invite with an outdoor event theme? To be more integrated with the theme of the event, mix clothes with rattan handbags. Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. This bag is also favored by fashion lovers, making you always on trend when using this bag. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

  • Metal handle bag that gives an edgy touch

If you include lovers of edgy style, choose a handbag with a metal accent on the handle or handle of the bag. The round handle emphasizes the edgy style of the look, while it also has a modern feel when wearing this bag. By the way, you can also mix this bag with statement shoes to perfect your edgy look.

So, what kind of bag will you wear to the invitation this time?

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