Style of Wearing Men’s Waist Bags

Fashion continues to rotate and repeat. If today you find it less trendy, maybe next year the fashion item you call old school will skyrocket. These past few weeks, you must often see many men uploading their appearance on Instagram wearing waist bags.  

Evidence of the 90s is back again, one of which is the existence of this bag. If in the past the waist bag was identical to the tourist style, now the waist bag has gone into everyday activities. There are lots of ways to make you look cool with a waist bag!

1. For beginner waist bag users

Now, small bags that are worn around the waist or sling are important bags to have. Don’t be afraid to look like an old man, there are plenty of modern fanny packs. Usually used when biking or running.

For those of you who are not confident, wear this monochrome outfit and waist bag. You can also create a sporty style to make it more funky. Ready to go hang out!

2. The waist bag is attached to the outside of the shirt

The design tends to be like a curve, and looks like it can fit quite a lot of things. For small-bodied men, just attach the waist bag outside the shirt. For the big body, you can cross the bag on the chest like a sling bag.

3. Waist bag with a very small size

For this type of waist bag with a small size, it is suitable for you to go to the concert. Even though it has a small charge, you can enter your phone, money and card. Besides going to a concert, you don’t need a lot of things to bring, do you?

Choose a waist bag size that matches your body size. Do not let the waist bag you use is too small for your body size. Michaelkors Outlet

4. Cross it in the stomach

Suitable to be crossed and adjusted in length. You do not need to follow its function as a waist bag, you can also create your own style by making it like a sling bag.
You can change styles by having this bag. So, don’t be afraid of being bored if you only have one bag.

5. Conventional waist bags

This method is the most conventional way to wear a waist bag. In accordance with the beginning of this bag made, minimalist style leather waist bag will be suitable for use with any outfit. Classic black makes it easy for you to choose a solid match with a contrasting outfit color. You can create a vintage sporty style by putting your shirt in your pants.

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