Spa Coloring Technology for Branded Bags

Spa is not only for treating the human body when you are tired and stressed. Now there is also a special spa for expensive bags that are usually owned by socialites. What is a spa bag? Michaelkors Outlet

Angela Marcellina, one of the women who owns a bag spa business in Jakarta, revealed that bag care is generally used for pre-loved bags or not new bags. Bags that need spa treatment are usually those that smell, change color or have faded or have wrinkled skin.

“Bag spa is to restore 80-90% condition, not 100%,” said Angela, owner of the spa bag business. Tas Branded

According to Angela, many spa bags are chosen for preloved bags that are no longer comfortable to wear. There are two ways to determine whether the bag has to get a spa treatment or not, the first is based on the color and the second is the shape.

“For the bag, look at the condition first. The first is the color, the second is the shape. If the color is still good, at least the only washing is that two daily, the fastest is also done. Then if the edges have been scrapped, there are holes that have to be in the spa. or for example the color is dull, uneven, then you have to go to the spa. If it’s still good, I don’t recommend it either, “said Angela.

Angela, who collaborated with the owner of the Adels Branded Bags boutique, Marisa Tumbuan, to open a spa bag at the expensive bag boutique, added that this spa bag is indeed more intended for owners of expensive bags. The reason is because this bag spa treatment is not cheap, starting from IDR 400 thousand to tens of millions of rupiah. The price of a spa bag depends on the material and the difficulty of treating the bag itself.

So far, the bag brands that get the most frequent bag spa treatments from their owners, based on Angela’s experience, include Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. “Balenciaga and Gucci are also a lot lately,” said Angela. Sepatu Branded

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